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Pat Condell is NOT a Free-Farter!

March 2, 2010

I admire Mr. Condell not for his atheism, but for his rationality.

Pat Condell is right in calling the “turban” totalitarian ideology “islamonazism” instead of islamofascism. The most appropriate

Oh, please... Pat Condell is not a Free-farter!

Oh, please... Pat Condell is not a Free-farter!

term is “islamonazism” because of the totalitarian context of this religious ideology invented in 7th century A.D. by a war-mongering nomadic spiritual mystic. I’ve been watching the YouTube videos of Pat Condell and it is interesting to note that his viewership is increasing.

I really admire Mr. Condell for not mincing his words in identifying the problem that is now hounding Europe and the United States. Unlike most relativist and politically correct intellectuals today, Mr. Condell honestly expressed his mind in all of his videos. He firmly believes that it is the culture of tolerance, political correctness, and multicultural relativism that are delivering the Western world to Islamic holocaust. It is very interesting to note that the so-called intellectuals in Europe missed the real problem. They are simply acting like modern-day Neros who fiddle while the whole of Europe burns. It is the intellectuals who are giving the word “intellect” a bad name, as if it had no meaning at all. To most people today, the world “intellect” has something to do with your alma mater, your college degree, academic credentials, and your curriculum vitae.

Let me state here that Pat Condell is not a Free-farter. Yes, he’s an atheist but he doesn’t think like most hippyish atheist-liberals do who claim they are proponents of reason. In fact, Mr. Condell is disgusted by the tolerant Liberals who are bringing the whole of Europe to Orwellian and Islamic disaster. He is a rational atheist who knows his politics. In fact in this video, he described the “liberal left” as “apologists of evil” and as a “multicultural appeasement lobby.” Again, do not ever claim Pat Condell is a Free-farter for simply being an atheist. I admire Mr. Condell not for his atheism, but for his rationality.

“You people have certainly reminded me as if I needed reminding why my political views have changed in recent years. You see, foolishly perhaps I used to take freedom for granted. But now thanks to ultra-tolerant, self-hating, multicultural lemmings like you- I don’t,” says Pat Condell of the Liberals.

On his website, Pat Condell says he has no formal education at all. “And I don’t have much of a formal education – which is good, because it means I can actually read and write. But it also means I don’t have a great deal of what you might call actual knowledge,” he says. I cannot agree more. The most popular among Pat Condell’s videos are his rants against Islam and the stupidity of politically and moral agnostic intellectuals and politicians in Europe. Indeed, Pat Condell who didn’t finish college makes more sense compared to pseudo-intellectual and anarcho-syndicalist Noam chomsky.

Check out the following Pat Condell videos:


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