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Appeasing Evil

March 2, 2010

No, you can never appease an evil ideology that preaches its followers to conquer the world by any means possible.

Europe and America are both under attack by a totalitarian ideology that is Islam. Over the past decades, the multicultural

When will you ever take this man in his own words?

When will you ever take this man at his words?

Europe welcomed millions of Muslim immigrants to its territory, while the freedom-loving Americans wanted to practice religious and cultural tolerance by acceding to the demands of their Muslim brothers and sisters. But both the Europeans and the Americans have become far too tolerant of the Muslims that they have already unwittingly surrendered their inalienable individual rights and subordinated their superior culture to the inferior traditions and dogma of the fanatic followers of a 7th century nomadic religion.

The radical Islamization of the entire Europe only took a few decades. It seems that the Muslim immigrants who turned too radical have perfectly practiced the ‘art of infiltration.’ After invading Europe through decades of mass immigration, the radical Islamists are now demanding for more special treatment and unabashedly accusing people who speak the truth about their nomadic religion and the terrorist and murderous activities of some of their brothers as Islamophobes, racist, bastards, close-minded, intolerant, among others. These followers of an evil ideology demand for more equal treatment when they themselves dogmatically refuse to respect the cultures and religions of the very people who embraced them for who they are. For sure the ruling elite of their countries of origin ban the practice of other religion, persecute the non-Muslims, and execute the infidels, apostate, members of the third sex, blasphemers, including political critics. How can they demand that we respect their religion, culture and identity if their holy scripture, which is Q’uran, preaches intolerance, hate, religious bigotry, and the killings of the infidels? Like dictator Nero of the olden Rome, the European intellectuals and the ruling elite fiddle while Europe burns.

It is the multicultural relativist intellectuals and politically correct politicians of Great Britain, France, The Netherlands, and other European countries who have been selling the rights of their own people and the superiority of the Western culture to a group of hate-worshipers and followers of a 7th century nomadic mystic. However, it cannot be denied that it is the United States of America, which is the beacon of liberty and individual rights- the last stand of freedom and reason- in the world, which is the main target of these modern-day Jihadists. The September 11th attack was a declaration of war against the Western world and capitalism. But it is unfortunate that America has a bunch of “useful idiots” like Noam Chomsky, Michael Moore, the Democrats, including some Libertarians like Ron Paul and some frontrunners of the, which has been successfully hijacked by the Libertarian-anarchists. It is only proper to identify the anti-concepts that are bringing the Western world closer to Islamic holocaust:

  • Political correctness;
  • Multicultural relativism;
  • Religious and cultural tolerance;
  • Multicultural integration

There is no question that the Western and American culture is 1000 times more superior than the Islamic culture and tradition. A culture that gives a husband the right to beat and kill his wife, that grants the fanatical believers the license to kill and execute the so-called “infidels”,  and that encourages the faithful to “islamize” the world by any means possible, is not a religion of peace, but a totalitarian ideology that must be condemned and exposed.

No, you can never appease an evil ideology that preaches its followers to conquer the world by any means possible. Great Britain, The Netherlands and France have been trying to appease the fanatical followers of this totalitarian ideology, but look at the result of the downright stupidity of the ruling elites of these socialist European countries. There was the London bombing that killed innocent people, the murder of film director Theo van Gogh in The Netherlands, and several terrorist activities in France. The stupid attempt of the multicultural relativist intellectuals and politically correct politicians in Europe have cost the freedom of its people and the lives of innocent victims. Yes, these stupid politically correct politicians and intellectuals have been feeding their own people to a bunch of hate-worshipers who are determined to rule the world.

Could you ever appease evil? Yes, only if the world had been Islamized and that the Jihadists had already imposed their Shariah law and totalitarian ideology on every individual on this planet.

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  1. Gary permalink
    May 4, 2011 3:38

    Your thoughts are very much on target. To a certain extent, the European countries you mention are like “guinea pigs” for the U.S. As things get worse and worse, something will have to be done. Hopefully we will wake up before it is too late.

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