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Avatar’s Pandora is a World of Mysticism and Death

February 8, 2010

The dream world of modern-day mystics...

The dream world of modern-day mystics...

James Cameron’s very recent blockbuster Avatar undeniably aroused the imagination of most people, particularly the Liberals, the hippie Leftists or Socialists, and the multicultural and environmental relativists. However, I’m one of a very few people who had a very little interest to see this bankable movie. I tried but failed after learning that I had to make a reservation at the IMAX theater in Mall of Asia just to catch it the next day. I had to give up. I had to kiss 3-D avatar goodbye, with pleasure.

I read a few reviews of the film, including that very funny Libertarian analysis by anarcho-capitalist Atty. Stephan Kinsella. This loudest advocate of anarcho-capitalism titled his review “Avatar is Great and Libertarian.” But of course! It has to be… hmmm… great and Libertarian… according to a Libertarian point of view. Yes, it has to be, considering the undefined contradictions of the Libertarian movement.

Kinsella writes: “…the plot is about property rights. In particular, the property rights of the Na’vi, in an established tree-city that they have clearly homesteaded.” Yeah right!

A Filipino columnist also wrote the following about Avatar:  “After watching Avatar “the film,” one of my daughters remarked how she wished she could live in Pandora, the earth-sized planet inhabited by slender humanoids known as the Na’vi, who lived in harmony with Nature. We all chimed in agreement.”

I remember this is what I posted on my Facebook status, along with the article’s link: “Now wonder…”

My interest in this movie was somewhat revived after attending to the questions of a blog commenter. The commenter’s question is almost the exact one-liner synopsis of the movie and, of course, of its author’s source of inspiration- Pocahontas. I must admit that I really enjoyed answering the question because it really stirred my imagination.  The commenter asked:

“My question is, what do you do with land that contains a uranium deposit, when that land is occupied by native people who hunt and fish that land and live in tents on that land and who feel that land is sacred and don’t wish to move from that land?”

Here’s my answer:

It seems that you’ve just copied the plot-story of Avatar. Why not add that these native people don’t want anything from me or my company and that they totally reject the notion of material wealth? But of course, this kind of sick story only exists in the world of fiction like that blockbuster Avatar.

Since you did not raise this in your question, I think I have to stick to the facts. The problem with your question is that you assumed that that particular wealth, which is uranium, only exists in that area inhabited by these native, land-worshiper mystics. Of course the first step is to make an offer which they’re going to reject considering the facts you made. But the common mindset of a capitalist is to think of possible alternative wealth or forms of energy. That’s why newly discovered sources of energy appeared today due to ongoing innovation prompted by the bullish artificial oil crisis engineered by the OPEC which is the real global oil cartel. By the way OPEC is a conglomeration of oil producing nations, not a private entity.

Going back, if that area is the only source of uranium in the world, which is really unrealistic, the option is to enlighten this land-worshiping mystics by introducing the concept of reason and education like what happened during the Age of Reason or Enlightenment. Why? Because they are sitting on an impossible fantasy that they carry with them and their stupidity the survival of the world which, let say, is suffering from chronic energy crisis. If they won’t negotiate with the capitalists, then it is very possible that statist nations and dictatorships would plot the invasion of this mystical territory. I can almost say that since they know nothing but pray and worship their stupid gods and goddesses, their land would be conquered in just a matter of days and the people turned into slaves. Now, these mystic brutes have to make the right choice and decision- Live free or die!

But even so, if the rest of the world continue to progress due to semi-free market capitalism and their adoption of reason and reality-based principles, there is no other option for this land-worshiping territory but to embrace reason, otherwise it would collapse in time of natural calamities and devastation, and that its people would experience extreme famine and hunger. Consider the case of Haiti and other mystical nations in Africa. I can almost say that since they are mystics and that they reject rational secular principles, there would be tribal wars among the tribes or clans to gain power. In other words, the destruction would come from within and it will be the right time for the capitalists to intervene as a matter of self-interest and self defense. Why self-defense? Because the biggest gang that would eventually win the tribal warfare would seek to establish a more organized dictatorship like what happened in ancient China. Mystical and faith-based dictatorships need to be prevented before they spread like cancer.
But of course unlike the final scene in Avatar, I don’t believe that a supernatural goddess named Eywah would appear near the end of the story to save these stupid land-worshiping mystics. That stupidity only exists in the mind of David Cameron, I think. But yes, I have to salute his technical expertise in film-making. The problem with Avatar is that Cameron portrayed the blue skinned aliens as robots or perfect mystical creatures who live in a distant garden of Eden and who don’t know the concept of good and evil. ;-)


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