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This is Tantamount to CHILD ABUSE!!!

February 7, 2010
  • DISCLAIMER: I’m publishing this blog to remind supporters of every presidential candidate or any candidate running for public office to please keep their cool. Now let me tell you that I don’t think that any political candidate in his right mind would sanction the disturbing photo below. I don’t think that they would go down to such a disgusting level to smear the reputation of their opponents.

I’m not a Noynoy Aquino supporter, but I have to admit really I admire his sister Kris for being a great TV host and an exciting actress. I’m a big fan of the best television host and the most popular icon in the entertainment industry today. But politics is different from entertainment. Yes, Noynoy is not my bet for the presidency. In fact, I’ve been campaigning for his defeat, along with the rest of the presidential candidates. But I think what I just saw on Facebook is an affront to reason, sanity, and justice. It was an act that is totally indefensible. It is utterly immoral, improper, and even illegal to drag this innocent kid who doesn’t even know the word “politics” into this ongoing political farce and be used as a smear campaign material against his uncle even if the confessed motive is to remind the people of the so-called injustice committed by a certain political clan in the past. Many critics are using the Luisita issue to discredit the Aquino family, but what people don’t know is that Kris can even surpass the wealth of her parents because she’s undeniably a very hardworking and intransigently brilliant and brave woman.

What really drives most irrational critics is envy and their hatred of the good for being the good. I strongly believe that a persevering woman like Kris Aquino, who’s the best avatar of a CAPITALIST WOMAN in the country, doesn’t deserve this abusive, unfeeling treatment of her youngest son. This woman earned her success no matter what the flaws of her ancestors. And the kid, yes, leave him alone!

This is an election issue and I think it is an insult to justice to put an innocent child in bad light who’s not even aware of what his ancestors did before he was born.  Like I said to the person who posted the photo below, to penalize or put an innocent kid in bad light for something that his ancestors might have committed in the past is a mockery of justice.

They say pictures speak a thousand words. See these photos for yourself. Now I’m posting this blog to warn some people from resorting to dishonest or irrational attack. By the way, Vincenton Post is the Facebook Account of my blog.

The following screen shots below show my actual Facebook conversation with the person who posted this unsavory photo of Kris’ baby.

The offensive photo of Kris' baby that's really disturbing...

The offensive photo of Kris' baby that's really disturbing...

The screen shots below show my conversation with a Facebook friend after posting on my status a screen shot of what happened in my Vincenton Post account.

For some disgusting reason, I have to update this blog. A certain Færdz Xing, of course not his real name, made me realize that elections can really turn common people into evil… Also, I changed my blog title from “Thou Shalt Not Involve Kids in this Election Farce!” to “This is Tantamount to CHILD ABUSE!!!” which is a more appropriate heading for this entry.

Now let me clarify that Gibo Teodoro has NOTHING to do with the stupidity of a certain Færdz Xing below.

This is to show that Gibo is not responsible for this and because no candidate in his right mind would sanction such an "autistic" act of this Færdz Xing.

This is to show that Gibo is not responsible for this and because no candidate in his right mind would sanction such an "autistic" act of this Færdz Xing.

Færdz Xing who’s hiding behind a false Facebook Account defends his temporary insanity. Well, I hope it’s just temporary…

Is this kind of reasoning proper by a certain Færdz Xing and defensible?

Is this kind of reasoning proper by a certain Færdz Xing and defensible?

I thought this Færdz Xing had something reasonable and sane to say about his “autis***” rant. Now the following is Færdz Xing final words.

Politics, politics, politics… Yes, politics does turn men into evil and unthinking brutes. It destroys the moral character of not only those seeking public office, but also their fanatic supporters. It’s no surprise that Adolf Hitler turned the German nation into a genocidal Aryan race. That little kid on that censored photo is INNOCENT. He doesn’t know what’s happening around him. He’s not aware what happened before he came into existence. He does not know the sins of his mother or father and even his relatives and ancestors. But some stupid mystics in this country still believe in that stupid superstition: “Kung ano ang puno siya rin ang bunga.” And because that innocent little kid in the photo is part of the Cojuangco-Aquino clan, he also deserved to be condemned. Yes, they are fanatic believers of that fallacy of “guilty by association” or guilty by virtue of one’s genes. To condemn a child just because of the purported sins of his ancestors is one of the worst mockeries of reason and justice.

If you think I’m defending Noynoy, check the contents of my blogs. I think I’m one of a few bloggers who made scathing articles about his politics, but I never personally attacked him. It is only his politics and political platforms that I criticized, because I believe that when you resort to adhominem attacks, it simply shows that you’re admitting the fact that you’re running out of any sane, reasonable and valid argument. No, I won’t vote for Noynoy. But yes, leave this innocent little kid alone!

Keep your cool and stay calm. Don’t worry, should there be no case of failure of elections, we’d all have our new president by June 30. Cheers!

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  1. February 20, 2010 3:38

    Check out this BS POST of a certain ROCKY TADILI…

  2. chxpox permalink
    April 6, 2010 3:38

    tol pwede ba i-censor mo ng mas maayos un mga pangalan sa images mo, nakita ko pangalan ko dun eh! nag agree nga ako sa sinabi mo against a friend, pero using my comments in your blog without my permission to further degrade my friend’s insult against baby James is NO to me also.


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