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Manny Villar: The Avatar of “Robber Baron” Politics?

February 4, 2010

Can we ever trust a politician who is known for his “robber-baron” politics? Can the foreign investors trust a president who does not have any respect for the principles of the free-market system?

The worst crime committed by Manny Villar is his shameless, disgraceful breach of the free-market system. If Villar wins the presidential elections, how can foreign investors trust a President who is known in the country as a “robber baron?” This year’s election must not only be focused on the neck-and-neck rivalry between Villar and Senator Noynoy Aquino; we must also look at the disturbing tale of two competing roads— the C-5 road that is a clear by-product of “robber baron” politics and the MCTEP or the Manila-Cavite Toll Express Way Project, which is being funded and built by private contractors through the build-operate-transfer (BOT) scheme.

No wonder why billionaire Senator and presidentiable Manny Villar has billions to pay for his flurry of commercials. Did you ever notice the timing of his most lucrative modus operandi since he became a businessman and his candidacy for the top position of the land? Like he said, don’t ever attempt to run for president if you don’t have billions. After forcing his “double-insertion” scam to benefit himself, Villar received a paycheck worth billions of pesos from the government that came from taxpayers’ money.

There is no tinge of doubt that Villar incurred huge, unreasonable profits from his C-5 road project that required the government to spend billions in taxpayers’ money, when it could have been done with the help of the private sector through the BOT (build-operate-transfer) scheme. Under the original proposal, which is the BOT scheme, private firms would construct the road project and expenses would be recovered through charging of tolls. The private firms would then transfer the project to the government after a fixed period of time not exceeding 50 years. Under Villar’s scheme, the presidentiable gained too much profits at the great expense of taxpayers’ money.

Now did Villar use his political position and influence to cause the C-5 public road project to be constructed? The answer is a resounding YES. According to Economist Winnie Monsod, Villar road is:

  1. Unnecessary because there is already an existing project— the MCTEP or the Manila-Cavite Toll Express Way Project, which is a build-operate-transfer project to be built by private contractors.
  2. Financially disadvantageous to the government.
  3. That it would yield him enormous financial benefits.

I must add that the infamous Villar billion-peso road is a blatant breach of free-market competition and one of the proofs that the ugly face of political connection and “robber baron politics” is eating at the core of our society.

Monsod explains the difference between Villar's C-5 road and the MCTEP which is a BOT project.

Monsod explains the difference between Villar's C-5 road and the MCTEP which is a BOT project.

Villar allegedly made the insertion by virtue of his position as Finance chairman and as Senate president to ensure that his property would be paid right away. Despite the overwhelming evidence against him, Villar went to the Senate on February 2 to deny the charges against him. He delivered a privilege speech, refused to entertain questions from his colleagues and left the session hall after his hour-long rhetoric.

“I stand before the Senate in defense of my name, my honor, my dignity against my accusers in the so called C-5 controversy. To set the record straight and to prove to the senator, who called me coward, na hindi ako duwag [that I am not a coward]. Wala pong duwag na taga-Tondo [No one from Tondo is a coward]!

“Mr. President, I was condemned without the benefit of a fair trial. Alam ko namang hindi ako titigilan. Yan ang dahilan, Mr. President, kaya ayaw kong sumali sa sarswelang ito na ikinubli sa tawag na imbestigasyon [I know that they won’t stop. This is the reason, Mr. President, why I don’t want to join this zarzuela that they call an investigation].

“Ang isang boxer ba ay lalaban kung may desisyon na ang hurado {Will the boxer still fight if the judges already have a decision }?”

Villar denied that his C-5 road was unnecessary because of the ongoing construction of the MCTEP linking C-5 to the Coastal Road. Villar said:

“The MCTEP was not rendered useless by the construction of the C5 Road Extension Project. These 2 projects are entirely separate and distinct projects. The MCTEP is a toll road, which requires payment of toll fees; while the C5 Road Extension is a public road, which allows free passage to all commuters. In other words, the C5 Road Extension is an alternative route to commuters who cannot afford to pay toll fees. The MCTEP has “limited access”, meaning it has a single entry and exit point; while the C5 Road Extension has “open access”, such that through said road commuters can access various cities and/or municipalities. Clearly, by their very nature, it is not difficult to comprehend that the 2 projects are not mutually exclusive of each other or that the C5 Road Extension is a duplicate of the MCTEP. The construction of the C5 Road Extension did not result in MCTEP becoming unnecessary as to require its being discontinued. The truth is both projects are necessary to decongest the worsening traffic condition in Paranaque, Las Piñas and Cavite. Para itong NLEX at MacArthur. Dahil po merong NLEX ay hindi na kailangan gawin yung MacArthur o dahil may MacArthur ay di na kailangan ang NLEX.”

But the question is: Did he not use his political position and influence to benefit himself and to the disadvantage of private contractors who shelled out their money for the construction of the MCTEP road, which is a BOT project? How can the private contractors recover their expenses if the motorists chose to take the C-5 road instead of paying toll fee? Villar clearly wants to eat his cake and have it too. He did not just enrich himself through the government’s payment of his highly overpriced property; he also gained undue benefits by increasing the value of his property through the C-5 project. His C-5 project is clearly one of the most anomalous breaches of free enterprise in the country’s modern history by destroying the private contractors of the MCTEP project who made an investment and who did not rely on political connections and influence.

Can we ever trust a politician who is known for his “robber-baron” politics? Can the foreign investors trust a president who does not have any respect for the principles of the free-market system?

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  1. Aegis-Judex permalink
    February 5, 2010 3:38

    Which is PRECISELY why Gibo is best for this country’s interests.

  2. March 2, 2010 3:38

    is he worthy enough for our vote!!!!!!!!!!!!
    for all the controversies that he had committed…………

  3. March 4, 2010 3:38

    A number of us think NoyNoy is the foremost obvious preference for the presidency in the Philippines, not due to the fact he’s the boy of heroes Cory and Benigno Aquino but because he’s the reduced evil within the candidates. For sure we could examine concerning the Hacienda Luisita killings nonetheless in the end of the day his competitors contain very much worse records. He remains true to his anti-corruption campaign, plus amongst the other people competing for presidency he doesn’t always have corruption troubles. We found him once on a party, he appears so good and clear and allow me to add a ideal guy too.

  4. RyanF1 permalink
    April 18, 2014 3:38

    >”Villar clearly wants to eat his cake and have it too. ”

    Bro you got it backwards. The expression goes, “You can’t have your cake and eat it too.”

    So it’s, “Villar wanted to have his cake and eat it too,” simple as that.


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