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Arroyo’s Congressional Farce: All About Lust for Power

December 3, 2009

Indeed, she's a power-lust...

Nobody was able to stop incumbent President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo who still faces questions of legitimacy and corruption from filing her certificate of candidacy for Congress.

Saying she was not after immunity and that she was simply responding to “clamor” by her province mates, Mrs. Arroyo believed she still has a lot of things to do. An absurd group of Pampangeños, at least according to friendly news reports, urged Mrs. Arroyo to continue her so-called public service.

“After much contemplation, I realized I’m not ready to step down completely from public service,” she said. “Gaya ng alam ninyo, hinihilingan ako ng mga mamamayan ng aking tahanang distrito sa Pampanga na manatili sa buhay-publiko (As you all know, I have been asked by the citizens of my home district in Pampanga to stay on in public life), so after much soul-searching, I have decided to respond affirmatively to their call.”

It’s no longer surprising for local political kingpins in Pampanga to contrive some sort of public-sentiment agenda to somehow woo Mrs. Arroyo, who visited the province more than 50 times before she filed her COC. Who can resist the political desires of an incumbent President who maintains indefinite amount or size of political largesse at her disposal? Who can resist a power-lust who’s notoriously known for betraying even her closest political ally, like ousted House Speaker and former cheerleader Jose De Venecia, and for crushing political dissenters through the use of government force?

It’s not surprising that most selfless politicians in Pampanga warmly welcomed Mrs. Arroyo’s fervent desire not to end her political career. It is not surprising as well that a Catholic priest likened Arroyo’s candidacy to the sacrifice of Jesus Christ “who went down” [from heaven?] to serve.”  Now this is the most disgraceful, stupidest, and the most Satanic statement from a Catholic priest named Fr. Bogs Moraleja. I’m not a religionist, but to equate Mrs. Arroyo’s shameful act of political desperation with Jesus Christ’s act of so-called divine sacrifice is unspeakable and religiously irresponsible. This demonic religious actuation only reflects the extent of Mrs. Arroyo’s corruption—even Cesar can penetrate the divine halls of heaven.

In his rather secular and disgusting homily, Moraleja said: “Don’t believe those people who think that you are diminishing the presidency by running for Congress… Even the Lord God, who had the highest and noblest position in the heavens, came down to become man and to suffer with us.”

Moraleja said:

“Do not be afraid of this unprecedented move. It is not unprecedented from President to congresswoman because to serve doesn’t need any position. To be a President and a congresswoman is just the same. If what you mean to be in a position is to serve.

Please serve the needy, serve the little ones, but serve with humility and honor… you only need to stoop down to see the little ones,” he said.

Don’t believe those people who think that you are diminishing the presidency by running for Congress,” Moraleja told the President who was with First Gentleman Miguel Arroyo and her Cabinet during the Mass that was celebrated by around 24 priests.

If some people will put you down because of what they think of you, we Pampangeños will lift you up. If they put you down because of what you are going to do, we will raise you up. Do not be afraid of this unprecedented move. They are just the same in that they provide you the position to serve genuinely.”

This is not fiction. A Catholic priest just spewed satanic verses and gave his so-called religious blessings to a president who is known in the international community for her only legacy— corruption, political killings, and vote rigging. This Catholic priest did not just breach the boundaries of his purported divine responsibilities; he also regarded politics as a regionalist competition wherein politicians are to be judged not according to their virtues and political platform, but according to their place of birth or political position.

The Holy Scripture clearly states— “Do not take the name of the Lord in vain.” When it comes to politics, both avowed religious people and politicians know no divine boundaries. It is disgusting that those who claim to know the contents of the Bible cannot simply practice what they preach.

A son's sacrifice?

A son's sacrifice?

Presidential son Mikey Arroyo, who currently confronts allegations of corruption, said he was willing to give way to his mother who is “10 million times more intelligent that I am.”

“I thank God for this privilege and honor of giving way to a better congressman, to a better person, to a great mother, to the best leader our country has ever had. And I thank God that I was born the son of Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo,” Rep. Arroyo said.

The Constitution is silent as to the issue whether a sitting president can seek any lower political position. There is no prohibition, argued Department of Justice Sec. Raul Gonzalez, saying the presidency is not the end of the road. Of course it’s not!

An action may be legal, but is it proper and moral? Mrs. Arroyo’s congressional candidacy raises a question of propriety and individual rights. I’m not a lawyer, but I think it is not proper for an incumbent president, who exercises extensive presidential powers and prerogatives, to run for any lower government position while clinging to his/her position. A politician who, in many occasions, called a Commission on Election commissioner to ensure her political victory over a helpless rival is never worthy of the people’s trust.

Amado Valdez, dean of the University of the East College of Law, Arroyo’s congressional farce raises the issue of conflict of interest. “She will be violating her oath of office that ‘she will faithfully and conscientiously fulfill her duties as president’,” he said. Thus, he urged Mrs. Arroyo to take a leave of absence and let Vice-President Noli de Castro assume the presidency until a new president is proclaimed next year.

“One of the effects of her filing of candidacy [for representative of Pampanga’s 2nd district], she goes to the level of an ordinary candidate and her immunity from suit will be gone,” Valdez said.

But it seems that Mrs. Arroyo is fully decided to run for Congress, which is a clear act of desperation and cowardice. Whether her congressional bid is all about her desperate attempt to protect herself against possible lawsuits, one thing is clear— Mrs. Arroyo’s action is all about her insatiable lust for power.


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