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Aling Dionisia an Instant Celebrity!

November 11, 2009

Note: This article was published in Manila Times.

Mommy Dionese

Mommy Dionese

Pound-for-pound king Manny Pacquiao might get knocked out by the news about a new celebrity in town that is taking the Internet by storm. And it’s no less than his own bedazzled mother.

Really, the boxing hero’s jolly mom is drawing thousands of online fans quick and easy.

Aling Dionisia, 60, is now a fast-rising YouTube sensation after raking in thousands of hits in the world’s most popular vide-sharing website.

The rosary-toting mother of the world No. 1 boxing icon who just had her first taste of American dream attracted nearly 100,000 total YouTube views, drew both praises and unkind remarks for her outspokenness and jolly media interviews, and even courted new “fans” here and abroad.

A video clip from GMA7 posted by “Pinaswatch” ( registered 14,417 views as of 12 noon Wednesday, and the number is counting.

In this video, a brand new Aling Dionisia, who is also being looked at as not just Pacquiao’s hard-working mom but also as the mother of the nation, shares her excitement about her flight to the United States to give morale support to her famous son and to see the land of milk and honey. She also denies reports that she had P1 million for shopping spree, saying she brought with her things she bought in General Santos City.

Most YouTube viewers expressed their support to Aling Dionisia who is now enjoying her newfound lifestyle after years of wallowing obscure poverty, as she single-handedly raised her six children.

The deeply religious mother who had to sell kakanin just to feed her family had two children with her first husband who abandoned them. She later married Manny’s father with whom she had four children, but the latter also deserted them.

Now adorned with expensive jewelries, signature clothes and bags, Aling Dionisia earned her new name “Dona Dionisia” or “Dionese” to bloggers with playful mind.

Another video clip posted by DRCJPinoyBiscuits05 that shows a rejoicing Aling Dionisia who had just arrived in Las Vegas drew nearly 6,000 viewers.

Asked by GMA7 reporter Sandra Aguinaldo about her feelings of having set foot in the United States, she said: Wow! Mabuti naman panginoon nakarating ako sa edad na ganito. Pinaabot mo pa ako ng senior citizen [Wow! I’m thankful to the Lord that I was able to come her at this age].”

A YouTube viewer, Simianne, who became an instant fan said, “Go Aling Dionisia! Number 1 fan mo na ako.”

Cadenz711 also expressed her amusement, saying: “She’s soooooo adorable… Who cares about those haters. She’s not arrogant. She’s just happy that she finally arrived in the US… Go Nanay Diony!”

In a video clip posted by c2rax ( that attracted nearly 2,000 viewers, Aling Dionisia amused the viewers with her Audrey Hepburn makeover that turned her into an instant “celebrity.”

The upcoming birthday celebrant was made over by Los Angeles-based beauty expert Arwin Bernabe for the Pacquaio victory party.

Wearing a designer’s black gown she bought in Los Angeles and a diamond-studded Rolex watch, a gift from her son, Aling Dionisia, waiving her hand like a triumphant beauty queen, said: “Celebrity ako talaga. Celebrity na ako ngayon. Marami nang naghahanga sa akin. Hindi [lang] dito sa America kundi [pati] na rin sa Philippines. Lalo na sa Philippines. Hindi na ako makapahinga [I really a celebrity now. A lot of people now admire me not just in America but also in the Philippines, especially in the Philippine. I no longer have time to rest].

Some viewers were simply entertained by the jovial mother, while there were others who made harsh comments.

“Nakakatuwa naman si Aling Dionisia. I’m sure hindi siya nagmamayabang. She’s blessed. I’m happy for them,” said Mye7.

“Good job, Aling Dionisia,” said Genvelasco18.

“Wow Mestiza na!” added Manilaboy6631.

Besides YouTube video clips, Aling Dionisia has also caught the attention of countless of busy bloggers.

In his blogsite entitled Heaven, Purgatory and Hell, “Kid at heart” said he was inspired by Aling Dionisia’s “stellar role as a mother.” “The woman’s faith never wavered, as she asked that God would somehow provide a better future for her children,” he said.

After Mother’s Day, Aling Dionisia has become the favorite topic in, an online forum for female bloggers who talked about the boxing mother’s sacrifices, her P4 million Rolex watch and—her Louis Vuitton bag.

Despite some negative comments on PacMan’s celebrity mom, Redroux said, “I agree with those who said that she seems nice pa rin and humble at that. I’m sure she also sacrificed a lot as a mother to Manny.”

Aling Dionisia has also become an instant hit in the forum of drawing nearly a hundred posts.

For Kiezerkent, Manny’s mom is the “new comedy queen.”

But some bloggers like Deejay of made some wild imagination. In his lampoon blog, Deejay was wondering whether Aling Dionisia and Floyd Mayweather Sr., had a ‘whirlwind romance’ in the U.S.


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