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Next Stop— Teleworking. What is it?

November 10, 2009

One of the significant revolutionary impacts of IT in business is teleworking…

The advent of information technology has introduced so many radical changes to the corporate world. The most visible of these countless changes is the physical transformation of the business world, as new technologies are now being used in all kinds of business transactions, the most perceptible and useful of which are computers and the Internet. Apart from this holistic revolution in the world of business, IT also dictates how trade and business are performed, made, delivered, and even terminated. Almost all of the functions, characteristics, nature, and attributes related to business now have the aspect of IT. Thus, one of the significant revolutionary impacts of IT in business is teleworking.

As the global financial meltdown continues to worsen, talented people may find solace in this new type of work culture. Teleworking is commonly known as a business practice that requires a particular individual to work away from the place of business for a specific period of time. The intensification of IT and the further discovery of its many advantages to business led to the advent of teleworking or telecommuting in business. This is so because this type of home-based working away from the workplace offers a lot of advantages and benefits. One of which is cost-saving. This aspect has something to do with the possible expenses that an organization might incur if employees or workers were required to work in a particular workplace. These outlays may include additional work space or offices, cost of electricity, the need to hire more utility personnel like janitors, among many others. Another benefit is productivity. Teleworking does not only save workers time owing to less travel, less required meetings, or socialization with other workers or employees. Several studies concluded that teleworking has a positive impact on the work attitude of teleworkers, thus improving their productivity.

You'll have more time for your family...

You'll have more time for your family...

Teleworking has something to do with the quality of workers. Because they are encouraged to work at their own homes, employees tend to have better quality of life as teleworking also reduces the culture of absenteeism and tardiness in the workplace. However, there are pointers to be considered before an organization may opt to apply this work practice. For teleworking to be effective, employers have to issue certain policies, rules, and regulations concerning home-based employment, provide security for telework technology, acquire the proper technology, guide the teleworkers on their nature of work, and offer incentives to the top performers.

There are a lot of impacts of this new practice on teleworkers, on their work, as well as on their social lives. However, apart from the fact that teleworking benefits employers or teleworkers, there are also several reports confirming that it also benefits companies and organizations. This is probably the reason why so many employers nowadays encourage the intensification of teleworking in their respective companies. Teleworking has positive effects on the financial status of businesses. On the part of employees, there is needed to look at the positive effects of telecommuting on their work habits, productivity, and their social lives. The following shows the manifold benefits of teleworking to employees, and how it contributes to the development of their lifestyle, health, and work.

Is it possible that teleworking has some positive effects on productivity? Most of the studies that focused on the impacts of telecommuting on productivity were conducted in the Western World, particularly in Europe and in the United States. Several studies show that this work practice effected substantial productivity improvement in several western companies like the IBM and USWest.

In the Philippines, most starters in this kind of trend are freelancers who write for websites or work for IT companies here and abroad. This is to say that teleworking could be an answer to global recession, as it opens more income opportunities to talented Filipinos. This is also one way to save money as those who venture in this kind of work may be able to get rid of travel expenses, of having to spend on expensive clothes, and to eat at restaurants or fast food chains. Anyone who wants to try teleworking only need to look at job opportunities online, as there are countless of online companies offering online jobs, such as web content or academic writing, proofreading, editing, website creation, website design and development, among others.

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