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November 17, 2008

I’m a blogger. For more than one year I have been writing blogs without getting a single cent in

Blogger here...

Blogger here...

return. When I write a blog I see to it that it is well-written and well researched. I don’t write articles to be published on my blogsite without pouring all my attention and focus into it. That sense of pride serves as a barometer whether I’ve achieved my goal, and I can say that I’m proud of each article on this blogsite.

After more than one year of blogging gig, a friend of mine convinced me to write something for money. “You can actually write and earn money,” that friend of mine told me, and I thanked her for that advice. Now I’m writing for money, but of course I cannot publish all the works I had been paid for on this blogsite. That’s against ethics and the law.

I was immediately hired by this company located in Quezon City. That was my first office-based experience. I don’t have any gripes about how the company treated its people. They treat their people well and they pay their people on time. I left the company after finding another writing company that pays well. The first company I worked with paid me P67 per page. I was required to write 9 pages a day for 20 days. Now do the math. I joined the company while attending law school.

I’m confident to say that I was their best writer. For my first two months I qualified for the company incentives. Incentive means you made 200 pages in one month. But then I began to absent myself when school days started. The company gave me some sort of “special treatment” because I was and is still working student. I did most of the work at home. There was a time when I was absent for two weeks while the big boss was around. The big boss is based in the United States.

Because of my absences, the company decided to change its work policy. Instead of allowing only one absent a week, the company allowed its writers to absent for four days a week, which means you can choose to work at the office only once in a week. But there’s a condition: you are allowed to avail of the reprieve so long as you meet the quota. In my last month, I was able to meet the quota and I was about 10-page short of the incentive bracket.

While writing for the company, I was accepted by another company as a part-time writer. I found out that this new company pays their writers well. When I joined this company, a colleague of mine who worked there for months gave me a stern warning. She told me that the company does not pay their writers on time. That the company scammed most of its previous writers. I gave this company the benefit of the doubt.

After finishing some works, I decided to leave my first company. They still invited me to work as part-time writer. I accepted the invitation, but decided to drop it after a month. I wanted to focus on my new company. Besides, I know someone who works for the company. I was told that he heard about complaints from part-time writers, but the company still pays its writers. After a month I received my pay. This proved that the company really pays its part-timers writers, albeit you only have to wait for five to seven days because of bank-to-bank transactions.

I cannot tell the name of this new company. For those who are familiar with the company policy and style, they may be able to guess what this company is. They pay their part-time writers in U.S. dollars. Their part-time writers have unlimited earning capacity. You can earn as much as you want. There’s no limit as long as you selfishly want to increase your earning capacity.

To be a good academic/research writer, first you must have a good and high passion for writing. As much as possible avoid plagiarism. There’s this work I cannot forget wherein I was given a 5% originality report. That means I committed 5 percent plagiarism. Most of those detected were attributed quotations. The company still gave me my deserved salary.

It’s not easy to write especially when you’re not in good mood. Sometimes you encounter revision requests. There’s this revision request I cannot forget. I wasn’t able to open the client’s attachment so I proceeded with the client’s main instruction. The instruction asked me to make a response paper using any book or article. So what I did was that I made a response paper on my favorite book. It turned out that the defective attachment contained the article which I had to work on. Worse, the client immediately gave me an “unsatisfactory” rating while there was a revision request. I don’t have any choice but to work on the revision request before the deadline.

To be a good academic writer, one must not only be good at what he does… he must also know how to handle pressure and his emotions. You can never finish a work if you let your emotion engulf you. When faced with similar situation, just be cool and always consider it a challenge.

Well about my current company, all can say is that they pay their writers well and still on time…

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