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My Obama Worries

November 4, 2008

I write this piece with a private worldview, a limited opinion about the Obama-McCain political tiff in

Is this person the right man?

Is this person the right man?

the world’s powerful nation, yet with boundless personal socio-economic and political perspective. Hours from now, America will be celebrating the election of its newest CEO and Commander-in-Chief. Like what one international newspaper strongly stated, George Bush will become the lamest of ducks by the time world leaders gather in Washington on November 15.

If statistics were right America would make history for electing its first black president to the White House, making a black and white combination. An Obama victory would confirm one of the ‘provisions’ of the book titled “48 Laws of Power.” According to this book, a person who preaches the gospel of ‘change’ has a big chance of winning friends, allies, comrades, or elections. This person is Obama— who effectively used the gospel of change in his favor to win the primaries against Hillary Clinton and to edge out his Republican foe, John McCain.

Obama will win the presidency not only because he is popular, but also because he has three Ms— media, money, and mantra. Between Obama and McCain, the Democratic bet is more popular among media elite. This African-American presidential bet is also a good fund-raiser, as he accumulated hundreds of millions of dollars in campaign contributions. One more thing— he’s got Queen Oprah.

Definitely, if Obama gets the presidency he will make history for being the first black to stay at the White House. This scenario will definitely mobilize the racist, murderous and mad Ku Klux Klan members to assassinate Obama simply because he’s black. This group of people and other racist clubs and associations will never accept the fact that they are led by a black president. A mere sight of Obama as their president will undoubtedly drive them crazy.

However, I would like to let you know that Obama is never my bet for the U.S. presidency. I don’t know but I have some doubts in regard to his economic plans and political views. If Obama won the presidency, he won because of George Bush, because of his “change” mantra, and because he is “black.”

I am not a political scientist or analyst but I have worries concerning his political and economic aspirations. I was glad when a CNN viewer questioned Obama’s popular gospel of spreading the wealth. The viewer was an immigrant from Cuba who expressed her anxiety over Obama’s populist policy which, according to her, did not work under Fidel Castro’s leadership. Obama answered by saying that the ‘socialist’ depictions were cleverly and carefully crafted by the camp of McCain.

In my own opinion, both of them were merely echoing the same political mantra. Both of them offered the same populist policy, only they belonged to rival parties. Ironically, they are both socialist politicians— Obama as a populist leader for the ‘Main Street’ and McCain as a socialist leader for the ‘Wall Street.’ Both presidential aspirants refused or failed to focus on the most important issue— America’s capitalism.

Obama and McCain both presented a populist view on the U.S. financial crisis. No one talked about less regulation or less government intervention. They just presented generalities and vague promises. They talked about not raising taxes, a matter that certainly mattered to American voters. Who wouldn’t like fewer taxes anyway?

I find the proposal of Republican Ron Paul to be more practical and lucid than those political mantras and promises of McCain and Obama. Ron Paul was the latest casualty of men in high places who worked hard on his defeat. He didn’t beat around the bush (or Bushes) in raising the real American issue. He raised the issue that was plaguing the American public and is bilking the American taxpayers out of billions of dollars of taxes. This single issue is the Federal Reserve and the men who manage it. To the men in high places, Obama and McCain were like apples and oranges— they mixed together, and Ron Paul should be evicted out of the political house.

I don’t believe Obama’s economic and foreign policy will work for the U.S. Also, I don’t believe McCain’s political portfolio could cure Bush’s political peccadilloes and economic blunders.

Since Obama offers to bring to the Americans the ‘common good’, what I see is that under his presidency, there will be more economic regulations and government interventions. Under Obama’s regime, more regulatory laws will strangle America’s free market system. This is so because Obama’s political ideology is strongly based on communitarian principles. Trace his track record and you will find the political personality of Obama.


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  1. ngoldfarb permalink
    November 4, 2008 3:38




  2. November 4, 2008 3:38

    I absolutely agree with you. If Obama will win, it would be because America does not want to think of itself as racist.
    Hope Joe the Plumber works his magic for McCain. Elections are, after all, choices between and among lesser evils.

    Kudos to your blog. It rocks!

  3. November 4, 2008 3:38

    I absolutely agree with you. If Obama will win, it would be because America does not want to think of itself as racist.
    Hope Joe the Plumber works his magic for McCain. Elections are, after all, choices between and among lesser evils.

    Kudos to your blog. It rocks!


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