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True Essense of Victory

March 16, 2008

There are two things that made me feel proud on Sunday (March 13, 2008). The first thing is none other than the victory of Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao versus Mexican fighter Juan Manuel Marquez. The now multi-millionaire Pacquiao, who will surely augment his bank accounts, won by split decision— 115-112, 114-113, 112-115. The close split decision surely surprised Pacquiao, but knocked out Marquez, who told the press he felt robbed by the verdict (see PDI’s story).

The second thing, which made me even prouder than any political and sports event happened just recently, is of course the President of the city of Manila who will soon become the Commander in Chief of the country. Do I hear people cheering?

This one is not a decision that came from ring judges; it came from the mouth of a man— and when he spoke the words he uttered them with conviction— who said he will not lift a finger to help his 40-year-old son who got caught in a drug buy-bust operation last Friday.

According to PDI, Manila Mayor Alfredo Lim swore not to send lawyers to defend his son, Manny Santos Lim, who is a businessman. The younger Lim was arrested along with two others in Sta. Cruz, Manila, possessing 100 grams of shabu, or metamphetamine hydrochloride, which has a street price of P600,000.

Known for the moniker “Dirty Harry,” the country’s capital’s highest official, who quit his senatorial post to run for mayor against his predecessor Lito Atienza’s son, said he’d rather see his son rot in jail than to aid injustice

If he violated the law, let the axe fall where it may. I only help those who are victims of injustice. That’s what I have been fighting for. The law applies to all, that’s my philosophy in life,” Lim to PDI.

He added that his son is already old enough to know the consequences of his actions. “Let him suffer for his actions“He’s 44 years old, he should be ready to face the consequences of his actions. Admitting he and his son had not been in good terms for months, he said: “Let him suffer for his actions.”

While I felt elated by the recent victory of Pacman, who was now automatically promoted to 135-kg boxing category, I was surprised by the statements made by Mayor Lim. I wish this country had more politicians like him, who do not hesitate to send their erring children to jail for committing crimes punishable by law.

Yes, Pacman’s victory temporarily relieved millions of Filipino people from political crisis that had deeply consumed the country today. For sure, he’s multi-million dollar richer now, since he doesn’t just profit from his fight against Marquez, he’s also assured of more high paying promotional jobs— plus a greater opportunity to record more albums. But there’s one thing, no, person, who will really benefit from the recent triumph of th great Pinoy Boxer— it’s none other than that diminutive woman in the palace.

I’m sure of it, and I know many people also know it, that Gloria and her muchacos and muchachas will try their bes this time to associate Pacquiao’s achievement with that of the Arroyo administration. They will advertise that the Pacman’s victory is not just his but also the nation’s and the Arroyo administration’s which has been wrestling against the forces of destabilization.

Pero uunahan ko na sila. Let me quote what they are going to tell the nation now. They will say that Pacman’s fight is also the fight of the Filipino people. It’s also a clash between the nation and those who try to wreak havoc upon. They will say that it’s now time to move on— and to look at Pacquiao as an inspiration— and abandon the lies that were well-entrenched in the minds of the people by the agents of political destabilization who are out to grab power.

At this point in time, Pacquiao is but the best thing for the people in Malacañang. He will be instrumental in bringing the people back to sobriety, to stillness. At least that’s what Gloria’s spin doctors are thinking right now.

But no, they’re wrong. Let me point out that Pacman’s million dollar win will only have a fleeting effect on the political survival of Gloria, although they can stretch the time-line only if they knew how to deal with it.

We may forget Gloria’s sins for some time, but that does not guarantee her safety. The best thing the opposition could do now is to try to counter the Pacman frenzy through the ongoing probe in the Senate. Some opposition leaders have to drag Pacman away from the political limelight so he won’t be used by Gloria’s men for her survival. The opposition should also join the administration politicians in praising the prized boxer; they have to confuse the political maneuver of those in power.

On the other hand, Mayor Lim’s strong statement not to “lift a finger” to help his son is admirable. Not so many politicians today could do such a thing. Not by doting Gloria, who continuously condones her two sons and husband.

Gloria, who is unfortunately the highest-ranking official of the land thanks to Garci, is known for stubbornly covering members of her family from crimes like corruption, Jueteng payola scandal, bribery, smuggling, etc. And she had the guts to tell the people that they never profited from the government! These are not petty crimes. These are unlike buying one kilogram of shabu in a dark alley of the metropolis. These are ipso facto heinous crimes punishable by reclusion perpetua and/or life sentence (plus death had Gloria not abolished the death penalty law).

We cannot expect Gloria to do a Lim— to let the axe of justice fall heavily upon the heads of her relatives. We can only expect her to drive more maneuvers to sweep those sins under her skirt. We have so much politicians like her today; they’re not just trapos, they are half-humans, the kind that don’t have the right to hold on to power a minute longer and to live on Earth a moment longer. They are parasites and monsters who feed on the blood of the people, like vultures who get nourishment from the defenseless and those who cannot protect themselves.

People like her use their position to enrich themselves; they use to law to protect themselves against the whistle blowers who threaten to expose their wrongdoings; they exploit the mechanisms of the law and even the law enforcers to shield them against the truth and to silence those who threaten to expose it.

We need more public servants like Mayor Alfredo Lim.

P.S. Lemme add this message from La Gloria I just read today (Monday, March 17, 2008).

Manny Pacquiao has again brought immense glory to the Flag and Filipino people with his hard fought victory today. Once more, he has inspired us with his big fighting heart, his determination and grit. He is truly one of our nation’s heroes who can unite us even in times of divisiveness. An icon of the masses, Manny Pacquiao mirrors the champ within every Filipino, here and abroad.

I join the Filipino people in savoring this moment of sweet victory and national unity prompted by the courage, discipline and fighting heart of our boxing hero, Manny Pacquiao.

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  1. dj montano permalink
    March 17, 2008 3:38

    am i missing something here?

    we are actually commending mayor lim for ‘not lifting a finger’in helping his son who has been caught selling drugs???

    it is common knowledge among a lot of manilans that he has a son involved in the drug trade, and that the good mayor who has made it his ‘mandate’ to go against the pushers in the city has conveniently turned the other way whenever his son was involved.

    Are we saying then that while every body knew, the good mayor had no inkling of the4 illegal activities of his son, in his own city? What a laugh!

    The only reason why the press release now is that he will not help his son now( which he has been doing the longest time, as this is not hte first time his son had been caught), is because media has already made a field day with this issue, and there is no other recourse for the mayor who has made his reputation going against pushers and the like, but to swallow this bitter pill and continue acting his tough guy stance. If media was not able to cover this buy bust operation, rest assured that the good mayor, as he has done countless times, will again move heaven and earth to absolve his son.

    Remember, his son is not a mere drug user.


    this im sure is not his first gig, so let us question why the good mayor had not done anything to have his son apprehended for the longest time.

    As i said, the only reason why he is acting as if he will not lift a finger to protect his son now, is that the media has too much coverage of he issue, and it will taint the good mayor’s so called anti drug reputation.

    nuff said.

  2. Babae permalink
    May 18, 2008 3:38

    o my good ness.. how much of a ninny can you actually be? I salute you DJ for being analytical. Just the other day Manny was released.. he was able to bail out.. How can his case be forgiven just like that if his father had not lifted a finger?? This is a pernicious example of how media can deceive people into believing that an actual nefarious man seem like quixotic.. that is completely and outlandishly crazy.

    Just the other day I heard from a good friend that the trusted friend of Lim ( Mang Turing ) died, apparently Lim used Mang Turing as his treasure keeper in the US.. Due to Mang Turing’ sudden death, Lim had to frantically go to the US to look for his hidden wealth there.. If you guys dont believe me why not ask The Go family who deposited the money that they gave Lim during the time that Lim threated to kill them if they do not give him money and as well as their properties in forbes Park and in the US… If only the mdia could act with more integrity and become zealots of truth, then maybe the Philippines will have better Mayors and officials.. I am sorry for bursting your bubble hon, but this is the truth..

  3. May 19, 2008 3:38

    Well, it is true that the mayor’s son is into drug dealing. There’s no question about that. Manny is already old, he’s over forty years old. Being old enough he should know the consequences of his acts. Parents cannot control all the behaviors, thinking, beliefs, and even the activities of their children. In my case, I’m a very stubborn person. I insist on what I think is right. Most of the time I disobeyed my parents, and most of the time I proved them wrong.
    In the case of Manny, (not the boxer), he’s old enough to determine the outcomes of his decisions and actions. We cannot just say that the mayor should also be questioned in regard to the illegal activities of his son. If it’s proved that the mayor condoned the activities of and did something to free his son, then he doesn’t deserve my and the people’s respect.
    I would like to use as example the gestures of the first family. It is obvious that the doting president Arroyo condoned and is still condoning the alleged corruption, illegal, and smuggling activities of not only her son Mikey and his hubby Mike but also her loyal business allies and friends in the jueteng industry. Certainly she knows of their activities. Look at what’s happening in Pampanga. Gov. Panlilio appointed someone to head the police department in the province but some scheming people would like to block the governor’s appointment so to install someone who is just like them. Really, birds of the same feather flock together.
    Yes, you are Babae, but you should know that if there’s a crime worth investigating and punishing, it is the illegal and utterly immoral activities of the first family. Do I have to enumerate them? I’m afraid this space won’t be enough to accommodate them. Don’t worry I have written dozens of blogs about that woman in the palace’s peccadilloes.

  4. Babae permalink
    May 19, 2008 3:38

    O My. Your are completely ruthless and undeniably blind. But then again its plainly hopeless to start an argument with a person who obviously is mullish. Obviously it is blind allegiance on your part.. Good luck to you and I hope that you dont stumble the way your human edifice is about to stumble….

  5. taga-tondo permalink
    July 16, 2008 3:38

    Oh my! I am astonished to learn that there are still people here who are too naive to the point of stupidity to believe that Mayor Lim did not lift a finger for his son’s release! His son was caught red handedly selling a tremendous amount of drugs. It is a non-bailable offense and the evidence was glaring. The Manilenos should flock and spray paint the house of Mayor Lim with “Drug pusher, wag tularan” to teach his son a lesson. Just what he used to do to those suspected criminals who are supposed to be presumed innocent until the contrary is proved in this God forsaken country.

  6. tribu permalink
    July 16, 2008 3:38

    Another example of Mayor Lim’s disregard for the rule of law is the recent takeover of a slaughterhouse in Manila. Apparently, Lim ordered the forcible removal of the owner and its employees without any warrant whatsoever. I saw it on TV that the police were dragging people from inside. The owner is a member of the city council and is an ally of Atienza, Lim’s nemesis. If something like that can happen to an elected official, what more to an ordinary citizen?

  7. July 17, 2008 3:38

    I agree with you taga-tondo, this really is a God-forsaken country. But sometimes we cannot control the actions and decisions of our children. I’m not a parent yet but I know, based on observations, that not all activities of young people can be controlled by their parents. Can your parents control your decisions, your acts? Can they control you if you wanted to be a drug addict or a drug pusher? Can you control the actuations of your son?
    My parents tried to control me when I wanted to be a school writer. They wanted to control me because they know how liberal I am. They even suspected I was already into drugs. But I know what is right and wrong. I won’t do such things that would destroy me. When I graduated from college and entered law school, I told my mother– “You lost…” They could never control me. I’m not saying Lim just tolerated the activities of his drug-pusher son, or that he is an irresponsible parent. If that’s how you people think then so be it. Sometimes all parents can do is just sit down and keep quiet, especially when they know that their son or daughter is hard-headed.

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