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The Evil and Her Mongrels

March 1, 2008

THREE out of four Filipinos (or 76 percent) distrust their bogus President while two of every three or 65 percent of Metro Manila consider Rodolfo “Jun” Lozada a credible witness to the National Broadband Network (NBN) controversy, according to the latest public trust reading of Pulse Asia survey.

The result of the survey, which hit newsstands a day after the Ayala interfaith rally held on Friday (February 28), only confirms that an overwhelming majority of Filipino— never mind if they’re loud or silent— now want Gloria Macapagal Arroyo’s ouster by whatever means, this despite the desperate effort of Malacañang people and their media lackeys in belittling the result of said peaceful demonstration.

It also confirms that 92 percent trust rating received by NBN star witness Lozada after his supposed face-to-face confrontation with former Comelec commissioner Benjamin Abalos who was backed by a cabal of well-prepared Gloria’s ass-lickers (no need to mention their already disgraced names.)

Malacañang paid liars tried very hard to make the people believe their luckiest bitch-evil boss was never affected or alarmed whatsoever by the interfaith rally which attracted 80,000 protesters (based on the estimate of Makati Mayor Jejomar Binay) or 15 to 30,000 (based on the estimate of an unnamed Makati policeman).

There is a dire need for Gloria’s muchacos and muchachas to downplay or underestimate the result of the Friday rally because all they could do is crochet a web of illusions or lies in order to confuse the public. Apart from the use of force and illegal state apparatuses confusion is one of the allies of an evil regime.

It they can’t counter it, confuse it. The same strategy is also being applied to the NBN case— if you can’t prove it, confuse it. And it appears that the Arroyo administration is becoming more expert in using this “tactic of confusion” in getting the support of the people, if they did— if you can’t get the support of the people, confuse them. And this can be done not only by the people close to the illegitimate President like Iggie Bunye, Eddie Ermita, Raul Gonzales (who’s very good at diversionary tactic), and Mike Defensor (Gloria’s palpak muchacho) but also by a number of Malacañang propagandists or obscurantists in the media like PDI’s Belinda Olivares-Cunanan, Philippine Star’s Alex Magno, Federico Pascual, among others.

So far, they succeeded in making the following fallacies look real and acceptable:

  1. The country’s economy is improving. The truth is— the economy is being buoyed by OFW’s dollar remittances, public spending, etc.

  2. Gloria Arroyo is the only option. This is the worst lie ever created by these people who have successfully surrendered reason to stupidity. If that’s the case then we should start burning this nation. I believe there are lots of Manmohan Singh in this corruption-riddled country.

  3. The Filipinos are tired of mounting another Edsa. It may be true, but this should not be taken lightly by the Arroyo regime. This doesn’t mean they have all the rights to abuse this fictitious “People Power fatigue”.

  4. Another people power would even weaken the country’s democracy. Another props of confusion. Does that mean prolonging the stay of Gloria in power would heighten democracy in these parts. That’s ridiculous.

  5. People power might ignite military intervention. This won’t happen considering that we had already toppled a tyrant who relied heavily on military power. This won’t happen considering that we have so much outspoken people.

  6. This public unrest (caused by the NBN crisis) is being sponsored by political opportunists and demagogues who are only after power. It may be true, but there are ways to minimize or narrow down this possibility. They cannot just use this reasoning as their scarecrow to confuse the people.

Lots of Gloria’s paid or interested lackeys in the media sector seemed to believe their boss and her husband are totally innocent. That the latter never committed not even a single sin or crime enumerated in the constitution and in the penal code.

Magno, for his part, kept on painting the Senate as a venue for partisan or one-sided probe on Arroyo regime’s anomalies.

The circus at the Senate, driven by politicians attempting to win media visibility in preparation for 2010 is getting a bit out of hand. This circus is not only scaring away investments, it is also damaging our foreign relations,” Magno wrote in his March 1 “First Person” column. Here, Magno has to make the people believe the ongoing Senate investigation into the NBN deal only seeks to advance the political interest of its sponsors, wastes much public money, scares away foreign investors and damages foreign relations. Thus, the people should and ought not to support this NBN mess.

Indeed, his criticism on the ongoing Senate investigation is coupled with the glaring enumeration of the probe’s fatal impact on our economy; but it seems that this Philippine Star columnist needs to check his premise. Who’s really wasted and is wasting public money? How does Magno and his ilk call the public funds (P700-million plus fertilizer fund) used in 2004 election? How does he and his disgraceful ilk define those brown envelops given to Gloria’s political allies last year?

Why, does this NBN deal tainted not only by corruption but also by unfair competition and illegal deal not scare foreign investors? Yes, it may attract corrupt foreign investors, particularly the Chinese because maybe, they were the ones who “invented corruption”, according to Sen. Miriam Defensor.

Logic tells me that this system of venality under the current regime, which not only implicates ordinary public officials but also people close to the President, is an ultimate turn off to foreign capitalists! An honest capitalist (not businessman, because this word is used to describe scheming money-makers) cannot exist in a corrupt system. This is the reason why so many business groups are joining the Gloria quit call. This is probably the reason why America is watching us “with great interest”, according to US Ambassador Kristie Kenney.

What kind of foreign relation Magno is talking about? To sell a portion of our territory (the Spratly islands) to the Chinese people without even consulting our neighboring countries. Gloria did just that and she left her counterparts in the region in the lurch.

There are important questions that demand outright and honest answers like the following:

  1. Why did Gloria suddenly change the BOT (Build, Operate, Transfer) scheme to loan agreement with ZTE Corp. of China?

  2. Was there a bidding? How did they conduct the bidding?

  3. What was business of Ben Abalos and FG Mike Arroyo in the NBN deal?

  4. What kind of anomaly was relayed to the President the night before the signing of the deal?

  5. If the deal was really regular and constitutional, why did the President cancel it? And why only after five months after the signing?

  6. If there really was “anomalya” a day before the signing of the deal, why did she insist on going to China to sign the contract? This case, Gloria has to tell the whole truth and not just a crumb of it.

  7. Why did they have to abduct or “protect” Jun Lozada? Protect him from whom? From the first gentleman?

  8. Why did his passport not carry the customary arrival stamp if the government really wanted to “protect” him?

  9. What did the President know and when did she know it?

  10. Is she (Gloria) evil?



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  1. martin permalink
    March 1, 2008 3:38

    I think her advisers thought it would be wise to conceal such scandal to the public unfortunately it leaks. Such practice were being observed by other presidents and leaders whether democratic or authoritarian adding to what they called a presidential prerogative for the sake of national interest. I just recall the ” Operation Big Bird” way back in 1986, the supposed transfer of Marcos accounts in Switzerland to a private bank in Austria. It was aborted probably because those involved did not get the commission that they wanted. It has the same form and character because the public didn’t knew such backdoor negotiations until it leaks to the media. ODA for example has such tremendous amount of money involved for govt. developmental projects but also lacking in transparency as to whom and where the grants are being shelled out. We have to reform the system of procurement otherwise this scenario will crop up every now and then.

  2. THOMAS G PRAXEDES permalink
    March 12, 2008 3:38

    i am a fil-am living here in the states since 79′-anyway i have never in my life commented on the politics in the philippines,but this current administration, has been brazenly violating,circumventing the DEMOCRATIC WAY OF GOVERNMENT

  3. THOMAS G PRAXEDES permalink
    March 12, 2008 3:38

    the arroyo family and the people that sorrounds them, have consistently plundered the philippines,they have been accuse of many, many things,and have insurmountable evidence,against them-but this regime,like HITLER

  4. THOMAS G PRAXEDES permalink
    March 12, 2008 3:38

    the arroyo family and the people that sorrounds them, have consistently plundered the philippines,they have been accuse of many, many things,and have insurmountable evidence,against them-but this regime,like HITLER,have,from the beginning a very sinister if not diabolical system of how to respond, in situation,when they get questioned by their irregularities,GLORIA’S ADMINISTRATION is worse than hitler’s,–and stopping them now is next to impossible- they have spend time and money analyzing different scenario,this regime is a well oiled machine-BUT ONE THING THEY ARE FORGETTING,THAT EVERYTHING IN LIFE DO END,AND FOR EVERY WRONG ,WILL BE CORRECTED THRU TIME,EVERY DOG HAS ITS DAY,AND IF THERE IS RAIN, THERE IS SUNSHINE-life always find A way to balance itself out—there will be judgement-someday somehow,somewere—and with that…mag sasa-ing na ako, baka maabotan ako nang misis ko….MR. BETLOG


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