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Democracy is Myth and Evil

March 1, 2008

Democracy means "mob rule"

Democracy means "mob rule"

Reason is the most important tool for man’s existence; it is the faculty that identifies and integrates the material provided by one’s senses. If a man rejects reason, he wouldn’t be able to distinguish the difference between right and wrong, and can hardly detect deception and confusion of his time. Reason, therefore, is man’s only tool to better understand his purpose, the struggle that he’s about to face, and the means to fight it.

Not every man can understand the meaning of this “struggle”. Most men usually presuppose this word refers to the physical or mental clash between man and his neighbor, between a group and another group, between a state and another state.

To illustrate, this mentality reigned for many centuries ago, during the time of the Egyptian pharaohs who ruled the world for thousand of years by physically enslaving the Hebrews; during the dominance of the Romans when the Caesars’ idea of power consisted of invading lands and territories and enslaving the children of their enemies; and during the long quest for power among the empires in the medieval age whose system comprised of dividing the world into two and then by slicing it according to the number of kingdom-participants.

Even in the advent of the industrial revolution, conquerors invaded and enslaved men, thus occupying the latter’s territories. I use this biblical passage to best illustrate the concept of struggle against which man is facing today.

This is the physical struggle that most men usually comprehend, while others failed miserably to figure it out.

Throughout history, men became wiser and shrewder at seizing and preserving power. They (the men of force) had realized that the invasion of the physical body, which is the easiest, was not enough to keep the people under the sway of their evil devise.

Then came the men of evil thought, which introduced a new way of enslaving man and of acquiring territories.

These men used the power of words to achieve their goal— to acquire power. I call them the Mystic Men— or the ones who used the power of faith and/or idea.

Those who exploited the power of faith succeeded not in only taking over the body of their subjects, they also succeeded in restricting the functions of the latter’s mental faculties, in distorting reason, and in inculcating in their minds the eternal virtue of faith, self-sacrifice and the eternal essence collectivism.

The Roman Catholic Church was the most powerful entity in the world during the medieval age because it was able to enforce the virtue of faith and the idea of collectivism on its subjects. It was so powerful that it was able to drive stupefied men to wage a sanctimonious Holly Crusade against the Muslim in Jerusalem that resulted in millions of deaths.

Then also came the men of rogue ideas whose goal is to subjugate man to a group or collective. Before the dawn of industrial revolution, there were men in history who preached the importance of collectivism and the hidden power of the working class. This idea soon became an ideology and it was widely accepted by the then oppressed working class who later on learned how to wield the power of the overwhelming majority against the few power-bearers. Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels co-wrote the “Communist Manifesto” that served as the bible of the exploited workers and common people or the proletariats.

The birth of industrial revolution signaled the death of the age of mysticism, which was dominated by the sanctimonious, murderous, blood-thirsty and power-hungry Roman Catholic Church which claimed to have held the passkey to heaven. So many thoughts, ideas, theories, ideologies and philosophies were introduced before and during this epoch. Others called it the age of liberalism while others preferred to dub it as the century of man’s maturity— the birth of reason.

The world powers in the 20th century carried with them the banner of their respective political systems. Great Britain then became constitutional monarchy, limiting the traditional power or influence of the Royal rulers. Russia fell into the hands of the communists while Germany embraced Hitler’s idea of Nazism with the promise to bring the German nation to global prosperity and dominance. The old empire of Italy also attempted to recoup global power under Benito Mussolini’s fascism. The empire of Japan under the Chrysanthemum palace also sought what it called the Greater East Asia Prosperity Sphere with the desire “to create a self-sufficient “bloc of Asian nations led by the Japanese and free of Western powers.”

The new world— the United States of America— founded by disgruntled Englishmen also marched under the banner of Democratization. World War I, which took place primarily in Europe, was propagated by two major alliances— the Entente Powers (France, UK, Russia) and the Central Power (Germany and Austria-Hungary). A greater war erupted after the first World War, which began in Asian in 1937 and in Europe in 1939, had two major alliances— the Allied powers, composed of the USA, the British Empire, and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR), and the Axis Powers comprised of Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy and Imperial Japan.

The US claimed to be the first democracy after the declaration of independence in 1776. Although its founding fathers adopted federalism as its system of government, there was no mention of the word democracy as its most preferred political theory.

The word “democracy” became commonplace by the advent of 20th century, when America slowly became an economic and military power of the modern world. Under the rubric— to spread democracy throughout the world— the New World invaded third world countries in the world, including Philippines. The US sanctimonious democratization of the world did not just result in the loss of millions of lives, but also in the bastardization of the rule of law, diminution and even total disregard of human rights, extraction of the natural resources of its colonies, and the perpetuation of ignorance and dependence through the biased educational system, political intervention and economic manipulation.

From Cuba to Philippines, the US also invaded several third world countries in Africa like Nigeria, and waged a unilateral war against Vietnam under false charge, sponsored terrorist activities in Nicaragua, and expressly supported world tyrants in Indonesia, Iran, Iraq (Saddam Hussein), Israel, Myanmar, and many others.

In its latest unilateral war against Iraq, US Pres. George Bush Jr. invoked the word democracy in toppling the regime of Saddam Hussein, the murderous Iraqi dictator supported by Bush’s father during his term in the 80s, that resulted in thousands of deaths of civilians. Before the Iraq invasion, it also invaded Afghanistan, a country that never threatened a single American, because of the presence of the terrorist Al Qaeda led by Osama Bin Laden in the formerly sovereign country. After the Afghanistan invasion, oil corporations which includes US Vice Pres. Dick Cheney’s Halliburton constructed pipelines in the conquered territory. Logically, since Afghanistan has no rich oil deposit, the US then invaded Iraq through what it call democratization process.

It is an irony that the US that preached and is preaching democracy has the worst human rights record in the world. The US used its veto power against the United Nation’s attempt to prosecute Israel for the war crimes it perpetrated on the Palestinians. It also supported and condoned war crimes and violations of its puppet leaders like Philippine’s Ferdinand Marcos and Panama’s dictator Manuel Noriega. It also supported apartheid in the US mainland and in Africa which resulted in the death and persecution of the black people.

Now under its war on terror, the United States already took down two states— Iraq and Afghanistan— yet it set its eyes on rogue countries like Iran, Cuba, North Korea, among others.

Apart from the use of military force, the US under Bush Jr. enacted vague and sweeping laws that would serve as grease to its ongoing war on terror. This resulted in more human rights violations, the disregard of the privacy of its citizens, and the arrogation of too much power to the Chief Executive.

The evil in democracy lies in the distortion of its meaning and the ongoing confusion of the people.

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