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The Power Of Reason

February 23, 2008
Chained Mind

Chained Mind

We may be able to oust evil men, but as long as we keep our defective mindset— another tyrant or group of tyrants would come to engulf us, as well as the nation in the future. People power remains an exercise in futility if we failed or refused to correct our flawed way of thinking. The power of reason is the best weapon to guard ourselves and our beloved nation against evil men.

IF I were a novelist I would love to dissolve the socio-political picture of our time into seas of text. This way, I would be able to convey a clearer picture of our system, our state of mind as a nation, to the already confused people.

For what is there to write about when what we see around us are fictitious events willingly conspired or contrived by real men of evil intent? All we have to do is sit in the sideline and keep our mouth shut, because whoever screams in indignation will be silenced and whoever dares to express his mind will be laughed at— this is so because those in power do not desire our participation and are not interested to hear our complaints; they only want us to keep quiet and stay still.

We must understand that tyrants and demagogues are clever social scientists. They know how to read socio-political events, and this ability gives them an advantage over unsuspecting men of honest intent. It gives them the idea when to strike and how to enforce their will. Both species of evil men know the codes of human consciousness, because they are the ones who set these codes. They set the standards of morality, legal system, the codes of society, among other codes that govern human beings— their relationship with other human beings and their relationship with the state.

One need not be a genius, a lawyer, or a social scientist to comprehend these things that continue to confuse, to torture and to mis-educate man. Evil men— the demagogues (opportunists, importuners) and the tyrants— are familiar with these codes, as they are gifted with remarkable ability of persuasion and influence. Once you control a single man, you can also control a group, then a community, then a nation, then the world.

Unfortunately, many people do not, or even refuse to, understand this dreadful “secret” of our time. This is because these men of evil design engineered, and engineered too well, the antidotes to man’s conscience— ignorance and confusion.

Ignorance can be done methodically and scientifically. It can be done either by physical or psychological process. The perpetration of ignorance among people through physical process can be achieved through war, poverty and hunger. A nation at war has no business asking questions; to do so would imperil what is called “national security.” A people tormented by extreme poverty and famine have no time to think and to ponder, because their priority is their survival— how and where to get food to eat in order to live another day.

On the other hand, ignorance through psychological methods is achievable through the different ideological state apparatuses like government, the media, educational institutions, business and social institutions, and even religious groups. The repressive state apparatus or the military is also helpful in keeping power, in maintaining the status quo.

Albert Einstein said nearly a century ago: “Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity.” The brilliant mind of the past century concluded that human stupidity is widely, incessantly becoming a trite.

We have seen the sign. We were actually warned years or even centuries ago. There were people who courageously voiced out their consternation about the system or picture of their time, and we are only to mull over their message.

Only this time, their methods gradually improved, as the same have become more systematic, scientific, comprehensive, and dreadful— their evil design is beyond imagination, untraceable and invisible. Now these men of pull gradually devised a set of codes exclusively known to them, decipherable only by them.

Ever wonder why ancient kingdoms failed after hundred of years of global reign? This is because they missed the most indispensable element of power. One cannot have perpetual monopoly of power by controlling the body alone; he must also control the mind— the soul. If you achieve the latter, then there’s no need for countless cabal of soldiers and vast deposit of artillery. No need for guns and ammunition— only remote control.

Despite thousand of years of supremacy, the Egyptian kingdom collapsed after the pharaohs lost their Hebrew slaves. The power of the pharaohs relied on ruthless rule, and their kingdom fed on slaves.

The Roman Empire also crumbled when it ran out of lands to conquer, and when members of the senate covetously sought power to the disadvantage of the callous domain. The Roman experience only proves that the brutal rule of sword would soon lose its might once the people realized they need and ought to exist.

That’s why Caligula, Rome’s most ruthless ruler, shouted: “I wish the Romans had but a single neck.”

During the medieval age, aside from the rule of tyrants, opportunist demagogues seized power from unpopular power-holders and kingdoms on the verge of collapse. Many European kingdoms crumpled due to the then spreading liberal thoughts. These liberal and populist ideologies toppled ostracized monarchs of France, Prussia, Austria, among others.

The confusion in that time helped a rising superpower that would soon dominate world’s affairs. The United States of America came into being when erstwhile superpower countries were busy slitting each other’s throat. For the firs time in history, the Constitution of the U.S. focused on the sacredness and worth of the Individual and his pursuit of happiness. The American constitution was the only charter that respected the rights and liberty of its citizens, however, this constitutional mode gradually faded when its successors tasted the addictive sweetness of power.

It was Nazi Germany that made its first foray into power through an enhanced propaganda method. Its clever fuehrer used the gospel of “common good” in gaining power in the post-world war I Germany, which was then suffering its worst economic crisis. The defeat of Germany gave the Nazi party of the charismatic Hitler the opportunity to rise to power with the promise to bring the Aryan race to its rightful place in the world.

War, extreme poverty, and famine arrogated tremendous power to Hitler and his men to lead Germany to its bloody and gory quest for glory and global dominion. He invaded countries on the pretense that Germany wanted to purge the Jews.

In his poignant poem, Pastor Martin Niemoller wrote the following lines:

First they came for the Jews
and I did not speak out
because I was not a Jew.
Then they came for the Communists
and I did not speak out
because I was not a Communist.
Then they came for the trade unionists
and I did not speak out
because I was not a trade unionist.
Then they came for me
and there was no one left
to speak out for me.

But it was the U.S. that picked and sustained what Hitler had left off when Germany was again defeated in World War II. The Americans were able to enhance the propaganda design introduced by the Nazis.

Confusion and ignorance are but the two existing allies of evil power these days.

Totalitarianism exists not just because evil men also exist, but because of the defective mindset of the people and the faulty social order that endlessly nurture its existence. Like an opportunistic virus, totalitarian ideologies infect the minds of the people because the latter are confused. It is confusion that bars the people from detecting this ideological virus that not only affects their mind but also the social system and the nation as a whole.

Confusion, therefore, according to a modern American philosopher, is the best ally of the many defective “isms” that continue to enslave people and arrogate power to evil men.

This is the reason why I stated above that it would be futile to just banish evil men from our nation if evil and flawed social orders and damaged mindset remain.

State of confusion occurs due to the failure to identify the existing ideologies of today, and because of the inability to contrast and distinguish communism from authoritarianism, socialism from communism, Nazism from fascism, fascism from socialism, and democracy from non-democracy. Furthermore, the people are confused because of established institutions that help perpetuate and nurture misunderstanding and mis-education. These institutions that ensure the continuance of ignorance and confusion are the media, the educational institutions, the religious institutions, the business and social entities, and the family.

In school, we are only taught two binary opposites— they are democracy and non-democracy. It is the U.S. that propagated the gospel of democracy in the world through invasion and occupation. Ironically, while the U.S. claimed it was serious on spreading democracy, it also sponsored terrorist activities in anti-US states like Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela and Iran, and backed tyrants of totalitarian states like Indonesia, Myanmar, Philippines (during the time of Marcos), Iraq (during the term of Saddam Hussein), among others.

No, the clash is not between democracy and tyranny— it’s between collectivism and individualism. It’s an eternal clash between the Individual and the Communal— or Man versus Men.

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  1. February 23, 2008 3:38

    Everything depends on what you read. (Quit reading Noam Chomsky!) I used to think he was “deep” and “sublime” too. But whenever I find a writer or thinker, I always try to find out who disagreed with them. That is because we actually learn the most from those who disagree with us. I can tell. You read him a lot. But it seems you are about to break out.

  2. Daniel permalink
    November 24, 2009 3:38

    Vincent, I want to know your thoughts on Noam Chomsky… I want to know how the state perverts the meaning of words like capitalism by the use of propaganda. I am slowly reaching the conclusion that the left-right paradigm we have is false and words like liberal democracy, social democracy, conservatism, etc. are just packaged-up, inconsistent concepts. Can you help me?

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