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Arroyo Regime’s Mafia Society

February 6, 2008

The private army of the first family led by National Police Chief Avelino Razon denied that the government had ordered the alleged “kidnapping” of Rodolfo “Jun” Lozada. This despite the fact that his text message to his family read “I’ve been kidnapped.”

There is no obstruction of justice…because the Supreme Court ruling said the arrest order of the Senate will only be good within Senate premises,” Razon told reporters.

Hindi rin ito [This is also not] kidnapping because there was a request. He went with the PNP out of his own free will,” said Razon. Although the PNP chief did not elaborate on who made the request.

All his pronouncements negate the circumstances surrounding Lozada’s mysterious disappearance on February 5, a day before the ouster of JDV.

Naturally, Lozada’s family worried and even sought the protection of the court by way of petition for writ of habeas corpus. His wife and siblings even talked to the media and asked Lozada’s abductors to produce him unharmed and alive.

If Lozada really requested his “abduction” by government goons and that he “went with the PNP out of his own free will”, common sense would tell us that that he should have informed first his family about his decision so that they would not worry. It’s very unlikely that a person whose life is in danger due to some information he knows about the First Gentleman is inconsiderate about the feelings of his family.

Lozada knew that the media, the senate and his family were eagerly waiting for his return, and it’s very unlikely that he didn’t even exert any effort to inform them that he sneaked with Gloria’s private goons out of the airport in “his own free will.”

That’s not the very definition of free will. If that’s the case, then they should have exited through the ordinary egress of the airport and not through the back door, with the assistance and connivance of some high-ranking airport officials.

There’s obstruction of justice here because there was an arresting team sent by the Office pf the Senate Sergeant at Arms (OSSA) waiting for Lozada. There’s a blatant obstruction of justice here considering the circumstances attending the mafia-like, gang-like and unconstitutional “abduction” of Lozada.

Sen. Panfilo Lacson summed it up. “Why the delay in the admission that they have him? Who authorized SPO4 [Senior Police Officer 4] Valeroso to pick up Lozada at the airport? What is the PNP’s authority to arrest him? Why the disrespect to the Senate and the warrant issued? Last, but not least, will Lozada now have a change of heart about testifying?” the opposition senator asked.

If it happened to a person like Lozada, who is the president and CEO of Philippine Forest Corp., considering his stature, position and social standing, then it can also happen to any Tom, Dick and Jerry. It can also happen to anybody, to you and me.

This is not the kind of country envisioned by our founding fathers, by our visionary heroes like Jose Rizal and Apolinario Mabini. This is not the same country, which survived three invading power and two corrupt regimes toppled by people power, that deserves to be called democratic.

The Senate and the Supreme Court should look into this anomaly at once in order to prevent its repetition in the future. This is a clear abuse of power by people in Malacañang. Every individual is entitled to his rights and that others have the duty to respect those rights. The state, on the other hand, has the inherent duty to protect the life, liberty and property of its subject. Government exists so that we may live well as free and productive individuals. This principle of duty-and-protection need not be written in our laws to make it effective.

This is part of natural law particularly that of self-preservation. In fact, the constitution, statutes and ordinances are just there to remind us of the rights of man. They serve as reminders that man only seeks his self-preservation and never self-destruction. That in order to live on earth as a man, he also has the inherent duty to respect the rights of others.

There’s a social contract inherent between man and his government, that if the former violates the rights of a certain individual, then the state through its instrumentalities has also the duty to protect the victim and penalize the perpetrator after due hearing. But if the state is the one blatantly and flagrantly violating the rights of its citizens, then that is an anomaly in a country that calls itself free and democratic. Corrupt people cannot exist in a just society. Corrupt state, on the other hand, should be purged at once so that its subjects may live well as free and productive individuals.

Productive individuals do not function well in a society ruled by crooked politicians who reward deceit and dishonesty, who favor those who deal with favor and bribe money and who deal by pull and by force. Only those businessmen who know how to deal with favor and bribes exist under this system while politicians continue enrich themselves.

The the Arroyo family is treating the AFP and the PNP like its own private army. All it has to do is reward the AFP’s and PNP’s high-ranking officials with perks, lofty positions and money in exchange for their selfless loyalty. But the ones being used are the low-ranking soldiers and policemen who are afraid of losing their jobs and who only live on a lousy salary. They are being used as pawns in the regime’s battle against insurgency. In the eyes of those in power, these soldiers are just made of atoms who should sacrifice their lives for the “common good”, also known as the “good of the very few elite.”

Gloria Arroyo may continue to bask in the artificial economic “progress” thanks to the continued weakening of the U.S. Dollar that benefits Asian countries. Artificial progress is just fleeting while a despotic regime ruled by a tiny power-hungry elite is ginormous enough to reduce this woeful country into a gangland. A corrupt regime, history tells us, usually gets drunk with power and it tries to remain in power so long as it can fool the unsuspecting people and terrorize dissents.

We have to change our ways of thinking, because it is not only the conspiracy of evil men against which we have to guard ourselves, but it also against the faulty social order and our ways of thinking against which we have to be on continual guard.

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  1. Juan dela Cruz permalink
    February 8, 2008 3:38

    Malulugmok na ang bansang Pilipinas dahil sa corruption.Ang nationalism sa ating bansa ang tuluyan ng mawawala.Ang kaugalian ng Pinoy ngayun ay sarili muna bago ang iba ay lugmok na rin.Ang pamilya Arroyo at gobyernong Arroyo ay masahol pa sa mga ibang nagdaang presidente.Kung buhay lang ama niyan si Diosdado, malamang na sipain ito palabas ng tahanan nila.Mabuti pa ngayung ang bansang kalapit natin na dati rati ay kinaiinggitan tayo, ngayun ay lantang bansa na ang Pilipinas na wala ng pag-asang umahon.Ang ating teknolohiya ay napagiwanan na at hindi na kailan pa aangat.Kawawa na talaga ang Pinoy sa mata ng ibang Bansa.Ang military sa atin ay para sa Malakanyang lang at di para sa taong bayan.

    Dapat magkaroon na tayo ng isang matatag, matibay, karespe respeto lider na na magbibigay sigla sa bansang Pilipinas.Showbiz na lang ang nagpapasaya sa sa bawat Pinoy.

  2. christine permalink
    February 9, 2008 3:38

    Grabe na talaga ang Arroyo administration. Arroyo should resign if she has one iota of dignit left in her. Imagine, taking money intended for housing of the poor soldiers and policemen, just so they could make millions of dollars in commission? This is already beyond what is right. Why is the firts gentleman so corrupt? Isn’t his family rich enough. Araw nila ngayon. People are waiting for the day when Gloria would also face the court at the Prague.

  3. kubayi permalink
    February 9, 2008 3:38

    Nakakalungkot isipin na ang bansang inilaban ni Lapu-lapu, Andres Bonifacio, Jose Rizal, Ninoy Aquino at marami pang Pinoy na namatay para ilaban ang tunay na kalayan, ngayon ay lugmok na sa kahihiyan dahil sa kasakiman ng mga taong walang ginawa kundi busugin ang bundat na tiyan mula sa kaban ng bayan.

    It takes a lot of courage to be like Jun Lozada. That despite of being threatened by so many big names he remained firm to what he knows is the right thing to do.

    Jun Lozada, saludo ako sa prinsipyo mo at pagmamahal mo sa ating bansa. Kaisa mo kami at maraming Pinoy sa ipinaglalaban mo. Isa kang dugong intrsik pero mas pinatunayan mo na karapatdapat kang tawaging True blooded Pinoy.

    Mabuhay ka!

  4. February 23, 2008 3:38

    Jun Lozada is right in saying that we must have a change of mind-set. We may be able to exorcise “evil men” like Gloria and her ilk, however, we are not guaranteed that their perpetual or transient banishment from our nation/system would also prevent other “evil men” of worse intent to takeover. Evil in man continues to exist so long as greed, apathy, and evil ambitions rein in the heart of the people.
    We must have a change of mind-set; we must change our ways of thinking. By “change of mind-set” is meant we have to make “reason” our only absolute; to make conscience the paramount of man; his existence being the sole purpose of his being and survival.
    Laws must be based on reason and reason alone. This means that his rights must be respected, by the government and his fellowmen. Without rights, man’s existence would be in great peril. Without rights, his existence would then be governed by the laws of men, similar to any undertaking that requires license or contract from a duly constituted authority.
    Therefore, this is to say that man’s existence should not be the subject of warrants and sanctions, because man himself is the warrant and sanction.
    This must be the governing REASON that must should fully understand.

  5. May 25, 2009 3:38

    South Korea’s Roh comiitted suicide because of shame from charges of corruption. When are our corrupt public officials commit hara-kiri by hanging themselves in public? What can you say, Ben Abalos?


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