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JDV’s Worst Political Nightmare

February 4, 2008

Did Jose De Venecia ever think he’s untouchable? 

Perhaps he’d never thought of losing his post. Not until the day the heavy political debris caused by the NBN (National Broadband Network) expose of his disgruntled beloved son finally came crashing upon him.

It’s now final– JDV began his day as an ordinary member of the house in the morning of February 5, the day when his detractors finally pulled the trigger that led to his heart-breaking defeat.

After years of faithful and selfless service to her ingrate Queen— Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, who knows no friends in times of political ordeal, (former) House Speaker Jose de Venecia tasted the worst shock of his life after his destroyers moved to declare the speakership vacant on February 4. All the efforts of GMA’s son Mikey and Dato Arroyo bore fruit after they succeeded in making the position of the speaker of the House up for grabs– by Davao Rep. Prospero Nograles.

New speaker of the house Nograles was able to get more than the required 121 votes in order to replace de Venecia. Nograles, who has been elected to five terms as member of the house, is a widely known ally of President Arroyo.

And for the first time, JDV declared war against the president and started trading barbs with the palace. “I will join the opposition to denounce corruption.” Although he did not issue any specific action yet, the ousted speaker hinted that he might tell something about Hello, Garci.

“What is happening to our country? Everything is for sale, bribery and corruption after bribery and corruption. Let us create a new majority in this House so that we will not be beholden to Malacañang like the Senate? It pains me to say these things, but when are we going to transform our hearts, our souls? That’s why I pushed for a moral recovery program so that all of the accusations will fall aside and we can concentrate on solving the many problems of the Filipino people It is now time for us to make a change.”

Days before JDV’s nightmare, Mikey and his faithful allies successfully gathered knifes in the house to stab JDV at the back for not being able to control his son from spilling ZTE Deal’s rotten beans. For the first time in more than ten years, the representative from Pangasinan was demoted to a mere member of the lower house.

The farce started when JDV’s son, Joey De Venecia, business man and major stockholder of Amsterdam Holdings Inc. (AHI), exposed the anomalous transaction entered into by the government with China’s ZTE, the multi-national company that bagged the multi-million dollar contract which could give the Filipino taxpayers another deal of burden.

Because Joey “is his own mind”, JDV failed to advise his son to stop from sourgraping for not getting the deal. The son could have thought that he can always get what he wants. Well, not this time because the bully King— who is none other than first gentleman Mike Arroyo— was also interested in the deal. The (im)moral lesson here is that you can’t have your cake and eat it too when the fat man also wants to have it and eat it, too.

From the outset, the ongoing squabble at the lower house is just a petty quarrel between the naughty children of the Queen, and the latter made efforts to appear neutral— but in truth and in fact, she’s not. This is because there are rasputins who occupied the control room behind the curtain. In this already forsaken country, there are men behind the throne who are more powerful than the Queen herself.

In his televised 10-minute mi ultimu adios, JDV narrated how he faithfully served the President, how he and former president Fidel V. Ramos and his allies in the house came to her rescue when the opposition moved to oust her and when the media and the bishops were already determine to kick her arse.

JDV, in his usual trapo-speak, also recounted how he made efforts in getting Gloria the position of Secretary of social welfare when she was still the vice president of ousted president Joseph Estrada.

He further said that when he proposed “moral revolution” to cleanse “our society, our congress, our senate, the cabinet, the judiciary, the local government units, the Armed Forces of the Philippines of corruption, so that this country can change, I was attacked immediately because they said I was not fit to make even such a suggestion and call moral for revolution and moral renewal in this country.”

“I’m a sinner… all of us are sinners in this house and in this country. And the time has come now for us to transform our hearts because in changing our hearts then we can change the country, then we can change the world.”

Having said this, the Malacañang palace was quick in denouncing de Venecia and even accused the former house speaker that the ongoing squabble in the house was the result of his “failure of leadership.”

For JDV, this could be the worst, even worse than his defeat from Estrada when he ran for president in 1998. It could be the worst because he was systematically betrayed by the person he rescued from political mire for several times in the past. Systematic because the president tried to appear neutral and supportive of him when in fact she let his men do their jobs in the dark. Anyway, it’s still a win-win situation for the president because it’s guaranteed that JDV’s replacement has already sworn allegiance to the Queen.

It seems that JDV never really got to know the character of his former boss. That she knows no friends and alliance when it comes to political survival. She only knows the word self-preservation. In politics, numbers and blackmail are the best weapon against an enemy.

Here, both numbers and blackmail are being poked at De Venecia. Gloria’s sons and brother-in-law Iggy Arroyo aka Jose Pidal appeared to have mustered well the number they need to give De Venecia the worst shock of his life. And, they also have a number of blackmails in order to keep the quintessential trapo away from the confession room.

Sen. Juan Ponce Enrile might say: “Look who’s talking, the man who’s interested in the multi-million railroad project is just reciting innuendoes because he just lost the speakership.”

Sen. Miriam Defensor might also say, “nobody believes in a man who’s known for flip-flopping.”

And the palace could also release pronouncements like— “why only now when he lost the speakership? He should have cried long before when he had the chance. Would you believe a person who cries out of political desperation?”

The palace got the gold, goons, guns and goblet to destroy JDV.

Before the voting, I was 101 percent sure that JDV would not be able to retain his post. I was sure because of the notoriety of the people occupying the lower house. And JDV knows that too well. Money is all they need. Of course, the tongressmen are afraid that if backed JDV, they could lose their prized pork barrel. The former speaker just revealed that congressmen need to go through Mikey and Dato for their pork. Remember, the palace has the control of lawmakers’ perky pork. And the president has all the means to torture anybody in the horror house.

As what Mikey said— “I go wherever the majority goes.” See, he’s got the genes of his mother— who is the worst second-hander in this woeful land. A second-hander is the man who’s got no balls and no disposition of his own; he only goes wherever everybody goes— he’s the one who always chooses the safe lane. That’s the meaning of second-hander, and the worst of his kind is the one who seeks power.

JDV can’t expect support from the people; anyway, he abandoned them when everybody stormed the gates of heaven and hell to oust Gloria. Where was he when the people needed him most? He was there giving his best cheer to GMA during the latter’s state of the nation address. He was busy gathering his herd just to ensure the Queen is away from trouble.

He’s all alone now. And like Napoleon Bonaparte (the only difference is that JDV has conquered nothing), he deserves to feel his pain all alone in an island of seclusion.

As for the victors, well, they really are not victorious, because whatever they gained, the nation lost. That was not a fight for a principled cause. A fight without a cause has no value at all. It’s just a fight between aliens and predators. The former seek to alienate this nation, the lives, future and freedom of the people, while the latter are out to run the country like hell with all its inhabitants as their slaves and mere fodders for their gluttony.

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  1. laurana permalink
    February 8, 2008 3:38

    thank you for posting this very informative article..

  2. ice permalink
    February 23, 2008 3:38

    do you have complete video of jdv speech?? url??

  3. February 23, 2008 3:38

    hey ice,
    just copied it from youtube. unfortunately, i think the one who downloaded it was not able to get the whole speech of jdv. thank for visiting this site, anyway.

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