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The YouTube’s Presidential Anagram

January 15, 2008

AMERICANS are now getting crazy and excited about the upcoming presidential elections in the Uncle Sam’s land of the brave and free. The name Barrack Obama, the black presidential contender, and Hillary Clinton, the better (or bitter?) half of former Whitehouse resident Bill Clinton, have now become household names even to Filipino students and media savvy folks, thanks to youtube and Internet.

I love what’s going on now in youtube. Ron Paul, the Republican contender and the only one who rejected the US unilateral war on Iraq, has already gotten the moniker Mr. Youtube for his presidential agenda thus giving him an advantage to young American voters.

There’s a new video clip just recently added to the most popular video channel that could somehow lighten up your day, most especially the “stupid white men”, to borrow the title of the book of filmmaker Michael Moore.

Just type the two words “Presidential Anagram” on youtube to see the cool clip for yourself. I’m sure everybody can relate to that video, particularly the young ones and even those not interested in politics, because the 3-min-and-41-secs clip is in the form of music video which showcases the anagrams of the names of some US presidential candidates.

The “Presidential Campaign Diaries” tells what “can we make when we anagram the names of the candidates”. As the lyrics of the song points out, anagram never tell lies.

Hillary Clinton — well, she’s kinda hot on the “NON CHILLY TRAIL”

Barack Obama – On his pants he’s got a “COBRA KABAM”

Joe Biden — hmmm… the guy said I “NEED A JOB”

Christopher Dodd – he’s just a “DC’S HIT HOT-RODDER”

John Edwards – the guys who spends time in saloons has “DR. J’S HEAD NOW”

Bill Richardson – Oh, he’S “RAD BRO’S CHILLIN”

Dennis Kucinich – “IN NICHE ‘N’ I’D SUCK”

Rudy Giuliani – “I AID; I RAN UGLY”

Mitt Romney – Known for flip flapping- “MY, I’M ROTTEN”

Ron Paul – “OUR PLAN”

Mike Huckabee – “IKE A BUM CHEEK”

Fred Thompson – Will he recover “FROM DEPTHS?NO!”

Duncan Hunter – “CUT AND RUN-HEN”

John Mc Cain – Jam in Conch

But what about the anagram of PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN DIARIES? Hmm… The result is — “CANDIDATES PIMPS ARE AIRING LIES!!!”

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