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East-side Story

October 21, 2007

They live in a nation called Phileria, a territory ruled by a despot supported by the powerful political and corporate evilgarchs and sponsored by the planet’s Empirialords.

Phileria, now under the domination of an ailing woman, who gained power through putschism and garcillanic methods, is being subdued by undying hypnotical crisis, all kinds of corruption, evildoes and criminal elements.

Few days ago, news about the destruction of Emporiah, a communal hub for the middle class and the rich, terrified the entire nation inhabited by people called Philerians.

Philerians live in the east-side of the planet called Myrthia, only one of the myriad worlds in the universe. The color of their skin is brown and their hair black. They have average height, not too short compared to the inhabitants in the northern world, but are dwarf compared to those in the western parts where the Empirialords live. Emporiah is now partly destroyed, and the oracles – the newsbearers usually labeled by the despotians as bearer of bad news – reported that more than ten Philerians were killed and over a hundred were wounded. The desporities, the police authorities in the territory, searched for the motive of the killers. Their marching order is to find out who masterminded the annihinaltion and why. The territory’s Kalembang Palace already issued an incantation hypnotizing the desporities to immediately crush the killers. The palace also offered 66 tons of gold to witnesses who could pinpoint the the mystery killers. “Their days are numbered,” declared Phileria’s supreme deity Gorgonia Saruman. “Our powerful desporities will not waste a single second. Our magical incantations will soon trace their footsteps,” she said. It was rumored that Gorgonia Saruman practices black magic and evil incantations  inside her protective palace.She is the most disliked head in Phileria’s history because of her wicked ways and devilish styles in managing the territory. So many controversies rocked her kingdom. Robberies, bribery, purifications, and sacrifices are just some of the issues that continously hound her throne. There were also rumors in the whole of Manjerna, the capital of the land, that Saruman is worshiping the devil.Together, Saruman and her wicked husband Miguerno Inferno ruled the territory. Miguerno is working behind his wife, ensuring that their kingdom is safe from what they labaled as “villain-grabbers”. Their cohorts called him the “evil wind beneath Saruman’s failing wings.”A few weeks ago, the oracles, which are critical of Saruman’s kingdom, told the people that the evil deity doled out millions of pieces of gold and silver to her slaves at the Haunted House of Repression and her cohorts who ruled her tiny kingdoms in the countryside.

“They all received 30 pieces of silver and thousands of pieces of gold,” lamented a critical oracle in its oracle-page. “The dole out was done to ensure Saruman’s tenacious grip on power,” said another oracle. Before the dish out Saruman was threatened by a group of disgruntled Philerians in the Haunted House of Repression and the Sharknate, the higher house of the nobles.

The group conspired with invisible witches and elves in an attempt to oust Saruman. But the attempt was uncovered by her subservient vultures who round the entire kingdom day and night.

“Fear not, my supreme deity. We have unearthed their weak design. These crooks will never succeed!” Black Squadron’s commander Hermohevil Espetrong assured Saruman.  “Your dissenters have been silenced. Most of them were already purified while others are still in the state of stagnation.”

The oracles also reported cases of purification and stagnation of all Saruman’s dissenters and critical attackers. Few years back, she dispersed sulfuric smoke over the whole territory. The black smoke, which contained her evil incantations, silenced her attackers and hypnotized the people. She also recited several incantations to ensure her stay in power. 

The destruction of Emporiah is now the main topic in the entire territory. Almost everyday the oracles reported about the obliteration. Some oracles suspected that it was one of the wicked ways of Saruman to switch the attention of the Philerians. “We have a well-founded suspicion that it was just another wicked design of Saruman’s desporities to hypnotize the people. Fear is the message of this another atrocity that aims to extract our submission,” said another oracle.

But this was vehemently denied by Saruman and her hypnotized slaves. “What kind of minds are these?” her chief hypnotizer shouted. Instead, the palace and its desporities blamed the blast on the elements of terror.

“It’s the handiwork of the children of terror!” said Saruman and her paid slaves.

Deep behind these issues, a man resting inside his spacious room released a wicked grin. His broad shadow overwhelmed the opulence of his patrician room. Then the shadow laughed. “Morons!” he shouted. “Only man of powerful intent could rule this territory. Only man of strong will could enslave this world.”

He looked out the window. He saw a group of squadrons down the mansion’s spellbinding garden. They are guarding him. They are faithfully working for his own safety.

“Ah, the paid impotent slaves. So long as there are Philerians like them, men like me will forever hold power. Power is never out of reach with boneless men like them. Weak men like these paid and gluttonous squadrons are the best tool to gain and preserve power. They give, offer their useless life to great men like me in the name of love of Phileria…”

Beyond the lavish mansion are the squadrons. With their striking presence, no group of thieves would ever attempt to penetrate the place. Thieves? But did they even think that they are guarding Philerian’s worst thief? Maybe yes, maybe not. But do they have a choice? Their only choice is to follow orders. To hear incantations. What kind of person are they serving, anyway?

Some are destined to rule… while some are born to serve…” the shadow whispered. He looked at the oracle-page lying on his golden table. The oraclepage says “What have we learned?” It was a story about the Emporiah massacre.

“Learn? You’ll never learn, but people like me will continue to learn more things about preserving power.

“Just blame the elements of terror. Blame the criminals for this so-called tragic event. Some people are meant to be sacrificed. They have to offer their lives to others. Some should live for others, depend on them. The Emporiah massacre is not just about sowing fear and extracting submission. They are just two of its by-products. Morons…

“It’s all about preserving power. In times like these, when power threatens to slip away, one must do the right thing. In this little world, one is meant to be the master while others are destined to serve. It’s written in the stars. And only the strong has the very right to rule. The weak… they are nothing. Human body is just a composition of atoms. For we all die…”

Someone opened the door. It was his eldest son Mikerno. “Are you ready, dad?” Mikerno, also a member of the Haunted House of Repression,  asked.

The shadow picked up the oracle page, tore it up and dropped it on the silver floor. “That piece of shit annoys me. But it brings me pleasure… it gives me the feeling of satisfaction, of achievement…” For the second time, Miguerno Inferno let loose a wider grin.

Word meaning:

Hypnotical crisis – political crisis

Evilgarchs – the political and economic elite.  

Garcillanic tactics – election cheating

Evildoes- evil conducts

Empirialords – an empire

Newsbearers – media men

Despotians – members of a despotic regime

Desporities – authorities in a despotic country

Oracle- media

Oraclepage – a newspage

Purification – liquidation or killing

Stagnation – enforced disappearances          

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