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Guess Who’s Philippine’s Worst Actress

October 20, 2007

The snowballing issue of bribery at the Malacanang Palace has shifted from infuriating to comical, although people in this graft-riddled country are not laughing.

The day that could change RP’s political structure is October 12. On that day, 190 lucky congressmen and dozens of local officials, 46 of whom were provincial kingpins (governors), trooped to the Malacanang palace to be made part of Arroyo administration’s formation of a new society.

The meeting is almost similar to Hitler’s conspiracy gathering in Germany attended by the country’s military top brass and high-ranking Third Reich officials, to plan the establishment of Nazi’s new world order and the quick and cost-effective extermination of the Jews.

This parallelism shows an identity of intention between two regimes (the Hitler’s Nazi and the Arroyo administration), which is to maintain and expand power. Hitler’s Third Reich was able to preserve power and political influence by eradicating its political opposition, by suppressing dissents, and by homogenizing Germany’s social, political, educational and even religious structure. Hitler’s political hegemony and survival would remain impossible without his protective squadron called Schutzstaffel.

In the Philippines, there is indeed an Arroyo administration’s version of “protective squadron.” Those who visited the politically and morally ill President in Malacanang were intended to be part of this shielding regiment.

I mentioned in my previous blog that the Arroyo version of Schutzstaffel is empowered by three existing pillars, otherwise known as President Arroyo’s unholy trinity. These pillars of power –political allies, military cohorts, and business cronies— serve as the backbone of the government’s political Parthenon.

There is a logical connection between the alleged executive bribery and this concept of mine, and the intention is to make those fluky public officials, who were given paper bags stuffed with cash amounting to between P200,000 to P500,000, part of Gloria’s political squadron. The money carries spell which seeks to transform them into political zombies.

Indeed, that meeting was a conspiracy which aims to ruin and raze this nation and corrupt the future of the people. Of course, the administration did not just take the allegations sitting down. Again, it exploited (and is exploiting) the wits and brazenness of its most talented liars and obscurantists to contain the bribery “rumor”.

First, there was a strong denial in Malacanang to the extent that the pathetic Press Secretary Ignacio Bunye dismissed the allegations as rumors hurled by “rumor-mongers.” The appearance of priest-turned-politician Pampanga governor Ed Panlilio changed everything when he admitted to have received P500,000 worth of “donation” by simply seeing the President.

Second, after Panlilio’s statement, Bunye again climbed up to his tormenting pulpit to say that “there’s nothing wrong with giving money, provided that it would be used for a good purpose.” Malacanang highest paid aides and political allies also called the “paper bag” names, like donation, early Christmas gift/bonus, token, panggasulina, pampalubag-loob, etc.

Third, they also made it appear that gift-giving in the government is just natural as it was also practiced by past administrations. In fact, Arroceros-logger-turned-DENR Secretary Lito Atienza claimed that he also received money from former presidents Corazon Aquino, Fidel Ramos and Joseph Estrada. But Atienza’s claim was strongly denied by said past leaders.

Fourth, Arroyo’s legal aides like Department of Justice Acting Secretary Agnes Devanadera (who now has the opportunity to shine) echoed palace’s statements, and said that she herself was annoyed. Definitely the acting DOJ head saw nothing wrong with giving receiptless, sourceless and totally mysterious “donation whatever” to wealthy politicians amidst extreme poverty. “There are a lot of problems that have to be addressed, and this is what is talked about,” she said. Other paid legal artists also shared the same plea.

Fifth, they also raised palace’s version of doctrine of “political benevolence”, or better called “the Robinhood dogma”. They shouted that the “donation whatever” was aimed at helping the needy. That’s why this government, which is doing a Robinhood, sees nothing wrong and illegal with doling out cash if it was intended to help the people. But who are they helping, anyway, the “mythical needy”, the morally destitute politicians, or the morally bankrupt President?

I see a government attempt at trying to use “altruism”, which is one of society’s evils (read article previous article), as justification for its greedy motives.

And last but not the last, they try to make it appear that everybody’s doing it anyway. That everybody is addicted to penny, including the bishops and the late Cardinal Jaime Sin. The palace is actually relying on that biblical passage: “let him who is without sin cast the first stone.” If that’s the case, then everybody, including the government, has no right to intercept or interfere with the illegal activities of everybody. If this is the justifying concept they use to cover up their corrupt practices, then the government through its officials has no right to exercise its police power to abate all kinds of nuisances and to stop all forms of corruption.

This government has done so much to the country and its people; yes, it has committed so much contemptuous, illegal and brazen acts, which warrant the punishment of its manipulators and corruptors called public servants.

The President and her band of obscurantists have made so much altruistic projects for its allies in congress and pets in the provinces by doling out millions of pesos at the chief executive’s disposal. Millions, if not billions, of public funds, unaccounted or not, sourced from president’s intelligence and whatever funds or not, were wasted, or used as bribes and payoffs, and commissions to some propitious people.

From state of brazen denial to implied admission, by saying “nothing wrong” with giving donation, Mrs. Gloria Arroyo is playing innocent, as she ordered the investigation into the alleged bribery to be conducted by her own fact-finding yet inutile Presidential Anti-Graft Commission (PAGC). Her comical-yet-utterly-annoying actions really amount to extremely bad and unconvincing performance by a politically-incompetent-and-trying-hard actress.

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