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Glorieta bombing: A Diversionary tactic?

October 19, 2007

Another mindless, monstrous blast marred this part of Glorieta II. Photo by


Why is it that killings, bombing and all kinds of monstrous human slaughter usually sprout amidst national crisis? What then is the role of Filipino bloggers?

For the past weeks, the Philippines has been confronting political crisis and total disregard of the law brought about by issues of impeachment, NBN (National Broadband Network) deal and the ongoing bribery scandal that rocked the President and her protective dwelling – the Malacañang palace.

Could these perturbing and controversial issues be the trigger point of the latest man-made catastrophe that wrought havoc on the lives of innocent people whose only sin was to spend the day in a comfy shopping mall away from home, work or school? For the second time in almost eight years, another bombing incident took place in Glorieta, one of the country’s top shopping malls, on Friday (October 19) that left at least 11 dead bodies and over 116 people wounded.

The gory incident, which was caused by a bomb is the second deadliest of the year, next to the butchery of 15 marines, 10 of whom were beheaded, including 30 Abu Sayyaf rebels, in Basilan last July.

Philippine National Police Director General Avelino Razon told a news agency few hours after the incident that “from our assessment this is not what was initially reported as LPG [liquefied petroleum gas].”

“This was a bomb. But beyond that we can’t say anything else yet because we are still investigating. What I can say is it was not LPG that caused this.”

Another high-ranking police official, Director Geary Barias, chief of the National Capital Region Police Office, speculated that the deadly explosion might have cause by a grenade or an improvised explosive device. He said that there is a possibility that the explosion is linked to terrorist attack.

Police authorities said that most of the dead and injured were all mall employees. At least over 30 injured people were rushed to the nearby Makati Medical Hospital.

Outrage by the bombing, the governments of United States and Australia both offered technical assistance in probing the blast.

I hate to make some nasty speculation on the “hows”, “whos” and “whys” of and surrounding the explosion because of the sensitivity of the issue. But I cannot help but question the timing of the incident. Why only now when the political rope is tightening around the neck of the current regime?

Several questions now arise. If it was indeed caused by a bomb, then who masterminded this utterly wicked and horrible mass slaughter? Why only now when controversial issues like Malacañang bribery, impeachment, ZTE deal and corruption rock the Arroyo administration?

I’m sure that these coming weeks will be engulfed by Glorieta II issue. Starting October 20, the agenda setting of all newspapers, tabloids or broadsheets, including online blogs and forums would be centered on the Glorieta II massacre. As always, news on horrible deaths proves to be more controlling than tons of corruption and bribery issues. At least for several weeks we forget about the Malacañang bribery controversy and the lawmakers’ attempt to revive an impeachment complaint against President Gloria Arroyo as substitute to the sham Pulido complaint.

The latest issue would also douse cold water on the influential Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines’ (CBCP) heated calls on President Arroyo to leave her post. It will also effectively divert peoples’ attention, thereby abandoning whatever they have in mind about some past scandals.

Furthermore, the explosion issue may also be used by the Arroyo regime to declare another state of emergency or to issue another presidential edict that would wage war on the so-called terrorist and undesirable elements of society.

There are disturbing questions surrounding the Glorieta II blast. If the bombing was indeed intentional, why did they choose Glorieta? Why Glorieta? Why Makati? The element of place is essential to the so-called “diversionary tactic” experts. Glorieta is considered the emporium of the Filipino rich, while the city of Makati is simply the country’s financial capital. The place, which carries with it both class status and economic stature, is itself a potential newsmaker.

The number casualties and injured is another significant element. For DT experts, the best place to commit evil is Makati, which represents the country’s economy. What does the bombing try to imply? Fear and submission. It means that if they were able to carry out their evil scheme in the country’s wealthiest city, the same may also happen anywhere, everywhere. When fear takes over, submission will follow. And most of the time fear compromises freedom.

It happened in the world’s superpower few years ago, when the American people surrender their rights to the Federal government after the collapse of the World Trade Center. The attack on the twin tower also carried the same message: Fear and submission. Who masterminded the vicious explosion is still uncertain up to now. But conspiracy theories, yes, that theory petulantly dismissed by US Pres. George Bush, suggested that the bombing was the handiwork of America’s shadowy political and corporate powers to justify their evil design. What followed was the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq, two sovereign countries that have something to do with oil.

Everybody’s a suspect here. Rebels, communists, opposition, foreign powers, criminals, opportunists and even the government are all suspects. It’s just that the track record of the current regime justifies or elicits suspicion.

It has been a trend in the past that whenever high-stake and contentious political issues confronted the government, several man-made atrocities occured. Is this just another diversionary tactic? Definitely we must look into this latest carnage, but we must not leave behind the corruption and bibery controversies that confront the Arroyo government.

Everybody has to conduct an investigation. We are now in the Internet age where bloggers and online commentators have found a place to express their thoughts and expose the anomaly of their time.

What’s the use of wordpress, anyway? We have to blog the criminals, the corrupt, and the disgraceful. What’s the use of youtube? We have to show their face, their disdainful acts and their evil intent. What is search engine for? We have to google them and follow their footsteps online.

Fear? The only way to beat this bully is to expose the truth.


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  1. October 21, 2007 3:38

    Dear Ideological Soup,

    I don’t think the Glorietta bombing was a diversionary tactic initiated by the Palace to cover up the controversies hounding it – the NBN, the impeachment, and the bribery of officials.

    Today, one of the biggest assets being drummed up by the President is the healthy state of the economy (real or unreal).

    Her propagandists’ publicity thrust has been leaning towards showing off the growth of the economy and the strengthening of the peso when compared to the dollar.

    The Palace line has always been castigating the opposition’s “destabilization” and contrasting these to her administration’s own “good performance.”

    The President has survived the most serious crisis that rocked her administration in 2005 in the wake of the Hello Garci scandals and everything that came after it.

    I don’t think she is crazy enough to destroy one of her biggest assets (the economy and the perception of solid growth brought about by her administration) by ordering the bombing of Glorietta.

    It is more plausible that some groups are trying taking advantage of the rifts within the administration (between the speaker and the president) and the opposition’s apparent lack of capacity to mount a serious challenge on the administration.

    That these group could be right-wing extremists within the military establishment trying to foment a coup is a very terrifying possibility.

  2. gravewolf permalink
    October 21, 2007 3:38

    Considering that the explosive used was C4 and only our own military has possession of such explosives do you people still think that this is just another coincidence? In the past bombings the terrorists used homemade bombs that were tnt based and they always announced that it was their own doing after their bloody deed. The timing of the bombing is also very suspicious since it was done when our highly trustworthy and respectable government was under fire from the media due to corruption charges that i think is very true. How in the world did terrorist ever had C4 to play with?!! Even abroad they never used C4 to bomb civilians!! It is very rarely used by the military here although they do have that kind of stuff so getting it unnoticed would be extremely difficult to do. I dont like the idea of our own government bombing us to divert the negative attention that they are getting. But our own government now is so corrupt i dont think that this isnt in the realm of impossibility. They are trying to protect their power and position. If they can rob us of billions of our money without any sort of conscience what more is the human life if it can be used as a tool to protect their power, money and status. Do not underestimate human greed especially when politics here is involved. Politicians here have killed their opponents just to win, what more is a paltry civilian? Not all goverments are good and if you watch a lot of news and read a lot of history you might find that a lot of politicians have sacrificed people just to get what they want. Being idealistic is good but sometimes it blinds you from the truth and whats happening around you. Open your eyes people… this government has never done anything without any scandal. Ive been around for a long time…even went through the Marcos era and we had a more stable economy with them. The whole stinking point of the EDSA revolution was for the other politicians to get a piece of the pie the dictator was getting. These people that commented doesnt seem to grasp whats going on in this country and how corrupt our system has become. We have graft and corruption on every level of our government, red tape on every department, the elections were a total fraud, we are being taxed extremely high even though they promised that we wouldnt be affected by the goddamn E-VAT!!! Open your eyes rich kids!!! We regular people work everyday with our blood and sweat just to get a piece of what you take for granted. And we go to work just to get bombed and have our hopes taken from us and our families!! Do not underestimate the situation we are facing right now and do not insult the people who have died with weak theories on leftist groups and terrorists when a lot of the facts point straight to our most highly trusted government. I am angered that these people have to die for such a pathetic reason. I do not believe this is the work of terrorists and i strongly believe that this is political in nature. They are even putting the blame on Trillianes who is in jail and has no such power to even acquire such an explosive without any suspiscion from the military since the stuff is so heavily guarded!!

  3. October 21, 2007 3:38


    I don’t believe the bombing was mere coincidence. It was detonated amidst another looming political crisis facing the country and the GMA administration.

    Greed and politics is definitely big factor behind the bombing.

    If its aim is to foster disorder and the polarization of the different political forces in the country, then the timing couldn’t have come at a better time.

    This kind of situation does not benefit the GMA administration at all, since as I have mentioned in my earlier comment, the it has been trumpeting the economy as its biggest strength.

    Yes, politicians kill, they rob, and they fool the populace. The spate of extrajudicial killings and disappearances, the EVAT, etc. is a telling reminder of this.

    But when viewed from the hindsight, the GMA administration will not gain anything from the bombing. The bombing has weakened her position.

    Unless of course if you believe the assertion that she is paving the way for an unconstitutional stay in power beyond 2010 through martial power which is unlikely given the lack of support of the U.S. for that development and GMA’s own shaky control over the military establishment and apparent lack of power for such a move.

    The country’s system is corrupt. The present government is hypocritical and scrupulous. Yet, it does not necessarily follow that it ordered the bombing.

    Given the present political balance of forces, it is clear that the group behind the bombing are those who would want to exploit the present political crisis and turn it to its own advantage.

    If we remember our history, the Aquino administration was first accuse for the assassination of the renowned student leader and first BAYAN secretary general Lean Alejandro; but it turned out that right-wing extremists from the military were the ones behind the killing in their bid to launch a coup.

    That this group cold be ultra-Rightists within the military is not a far-fetched possibility.

    The military has its own brand of “messianism” and has been restive in recent days. There are some that are itching to take over power via a coup d’etat.

    That the explosives used was C4 only bolsters this suspicion since as you yourself said, “only our own military has possession of such explosives.”

  4. October 22, 2007 3:38


    Dear Postcard headlines,

    You have a point in saying that the Arroyo administration will not let the economic momentum go away, considering that the so-called “economic indicators are showing a good sign”. The last is also debatable and I also tackled it in one of my blogs. The rise of peso against dollar is just very fleeting and artificial.
    As to the Glorieta bombing, as what I’ve stated in my article, everybody is suspect – the abu sayyaf group, other terrorist groups, new or budding terrorist groups in need of funding(as what some generals claim), the opposition, the military, ayala’s business rival, chinese mafia, and even the government. But the question is, why is it that no group has ever come forward to own up the carnage? If it was the handiwork of some terrorist groups, they would have owned it up the very day of the blast. This defeaning silence really baffles me.
    Second, the explosive was purpoted to have contained C4 or RDX hardly available in the market. Reports said that said substances are at the AFP’s disposal.
    Please read my latest satirical article “EAST-SIDE STORY…” Everyone of us has the right to make his/her own speculation.
    Where’s the FIRST GENTLEMAN? Why is he so silent now? I really don’t know what kind of person he is… but something is bothering me… I believe that some person, especially the greedy and the wicked, will do anything to preserve power. He might have some access to our military equipment.
    And you know what, considering the fatality and the anger of the people, if it was the AFP WHO MASTERMINDED THIS ATROCITY, they would never continue with their, say, “coup plan.” If they would come out, there would be high suspiscion that they were the ones who caused the explosion. The people are angry! It would be too dangerous to uncover their masks this early.
    Anyway, WHO’S JOHN GALT?
    WHERE’S THE FIRST GENTLEMAN AND HIS COHORTS??? This way, there is a big possibility that the PRESIDENT IS INNOCENT…

  5. October 23, 2007 3:38


    I’ve posted not a few replies to your comments in my own blog. Here’s one of them:

    …if it was the AFP WHO MASTERMINDED THIS ATROCITY, they would never continue with their, say, “coup plan.” If they would come out, there would be suspiscion[sic] that they really caused the explosion.

    Well, not if those behind it successfully pins the blame on the present crisis-ridden administration. They could bide their time and wait till public anger returns to the issues hounding GMA before the Makati explosion. By then, the initiators of a coup d’etat would be treated by some segments of the population as saviors of the nation. With the administration camp in disarray and its credibility in shambles, that is something not too hard to imagine.

    I have to admit that we still need to wait for more developments to get something conclusive. I just find the “bombing as diversionary tactic” too convenient (for other forces who benefit from it) to be true.

    Lastly, what’s with Ayn Rand’s John Galt by the way? 🙂

    Thanks for the exchange of ideas.

  6. Thomas permalink
    January 7, 2009 3:38



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