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Malacañang Palace’s Incredible Logic, lies

October 15, 2007

There’s something really wrong with how politicians in these parts think these days. Most Filipino public servants, especially the ones in Malacañang, are now shamelessly unable to determine right from wrong.

As if a highly contagious virus has inflicted most well-placed public officials close to the President. One by one these loyal partners-in-whatever of President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo publicly showed the despicable, loathsome and inexplicable symptoms of this still mysterious virus.

The unimaginable effects of the virus, which I think is the most incurable of all viruses on the planet, now manifest in most of our elective and appointed officials.

And the symptoms… Yes, the symptoms indicate that the virus has totally consumed their body, particularly their brain.

The following are the horrible indicators of this still unknown virus: shamelessness, brazenness, unable to feel remorse, failure to distinguish right from wrong, total lack of conscience, tendency to commit repeated mistakes, greediness, etc. A psychiatrist could easily draw a conclusion that this mental sickness is the one they call psychopathy, but it is worst than psychopathy considering the virus’s highly contagious and abominable effects.

Psychopathy, or a condition characterized by lack of empathy or conscience, and poor impulse control or manipulative behaviors, is noninfectious unlike this mysterious virus which has the capacity to spread among people in just a very short span of time.

One of the worst inflicted among Mrs. Arroyo’s men is none other than her mouthpiece – Press Secretary Ignacio Bunye.

Just recently, rumors about advanced Christmas gifts in the form of paper bags stuffed with cash were reported by the media.

And this was how Bunye stupendously, shortsightedly and foolishly dismissed the now confirmed gossip: “If rumor-mongering could generate income, the Philippines would have the highest GDP in the world.”

What’s funny is that he made himself a butt of joke when he appeared ignorant of the fact that even the most clandestine of all secrets, like the Arroyo’s Hello, Garci secrets, would come out and stink someday. Bunye might have thought that the Filipino people are so stupid to believe whatever he and Malacañang people are going to say.

Bunye’s favorite word is “rumor-mongering.” Let me include some of his past statements where he mentioned this word.

Sunstar Manila report: Bunye said while the government is ready to face any threat of destabilization, politicians should stop the politics of ruin and rumor-mongering. “We cannot afford to have these pockets of medieval power politics while the rest of the nation moves forward in the modern world,” he added. News report: He said that instead of engaging in rumor-mongering and dirty politics, people behind the latest attempt to politicize the AFP should help the government in its effort to improve the lives of the people. “We find it disgusting that irresponsible quarters continue their attempts to drag the military into the political arena.”

Bunye’s statement: “While the government is ready to face any threat of destabilization, we appeal to some politicians to stop the politics of ruin and rumor mongering.”

He mentioned the word in several occasions and whenever he tried to parry criticisms hurled at his boss and her embattled administration.

Bunye and his fellow Palace boys could have successfully fooled the nation if not for the “honest” avowal of Pampanga Governor Ed Panlilio who “can’t just lie.”

Yes, he said, he received a paper bag filled with P1,000 bills amounting to P500,000.00. He knew the money came from the people’s taxes, but he said he’s going to use it for good purpose. Hmmm… This reminds me of Cardinal Sin who allegedly made a statement that he would not hesitate to receive money or donation even if it came from Satan. What a creepy statement. I hope the good Cardinal not singing with the devil’s angels…

Panlilio said it’s very crucial that Malacañang should confirm “which particular office the funds came from…”

It’s just too bad one of the thick paper bags had landed in the hands of a priest-turned-politician. This situation confirms that the Palace boys can no longer identify who’s crook and who’s not. Perhaps they believe that everybody can be bought like all the dormers at the House of Representatives.

Bunye had to come out again to revise his previous statement. Now the press secretary had to control the damage.

There is nothing wrong with receiving a donation, provided it is put to good use,” said Bunye. Since when did the palace dole out donations to our wealthy yet corrupt politicians? Is it a practice, or a habit, of the President to distribute “donations” whenever she is visited by congressmen and executive officials?

Really the word “donation” and the manner in which the Palace answered the bribery issue produced more questions than answer. Where did they source the “donation?” If it was given by a private individual, then who is the donor? If it came from public funds, where are the receipts? Why only now when the impeachment attempt successfully died a natural death due to the obvious weakness of the complaint? And why the confused and obviously insincere answer of the Palace, from denial to implied admission?

But isn’t it better if we are also entitled to that same early Christmas gift? Isn’t it unfair that only a very few people who are mostly millionaires were given the Palace tokens?

But only within 24 hours after Panlilio conducted a press conference where he showed the cash, Malacañang palace again – for the nth time— made another outright, barefaced and unimaginable lie to the still-not-that-stupid Filipino people. This shameless and psychopathic Arroyo administration is not just robbing money from the public coffers, it also promotes bribery and culture of lying among government officials. What is ironic is that these people – these psychopaths who spend, steal and waste public money at the Malacañang palace – are highly educated. Most of them came from the so-called elite schools that also promote the cultures, lifestyles and ways of the oligarchs and demagogues.

The lie? Malacañang Palace insisted, after saying that there’s “nothing wrong with receiving a donation, provided it is put to good use”, it had no knowledge of any cash doled out to local executives. Are we that stupid to easily bite the incoherent and inconsistent answer of the President’s men?

Bunye said: “We take the word of the League of Provinces of the Philippines, the League of Cities of the Philippines and the League of Municipalities of the Philippines that none of the local chief executives who attended the oath-taking requested by ULAP [Union of Local Authorities of the Philippines] received any government funds.”

The President’s seemingly confused mouthpiece uttered these disgusting lie amidst claims of not only some local executives, but also congressmen that they received cash right inside the official residence of the President. This is more than double lie; this is evil.

This is more than psychopathy; this is illness of the the mind, body and soul. Of course I understand the gargantuan and ridiculous job of the press secretary. I can almost imagine the sacrifices he has to make just to save the face of his greedy and wise boss. Imagine, if you’re in the shoes of Bunye you have to lie almost everyday and always be ready to absorb public anger and criticisms. That’s a very challenging job to do. It’s worse than the “menial” jobs of janitors and street sweepers in the country and of ass-scrubbers in the United States. At least the latter is something that we should be proud of. If you’re a janitor, you help the country a lot by ridding it of squalor (literally and figuratively) and inconvenience. But if you’re the press secretary, of course you’re assured of high compensation and lucrative commission, but you have to swallow your pride and bury whatever principle you have six feet under and serve only the president.

The highly-educated (and perhaps honorable- before he became the press secretary) Bunye and some other well-placed officials have served the president well. When are they going to serve the people? The answer to this query still remains uncertain since most of them have already contracted that virus that pollutes the mind, body and soul.

Perhaps we should create a name for this kind of mental and metaphysical sickness that inflicted most of our shameless and disgraced public officials. But how can you help a mentally ill patient who’s not even aware of his worrisome condition? They deserve more than confinement in a mental hospital. Confinement is not enough to contain these disgusting people.

What they deserve is execution by firing squad. The fury of raging bullets is what they need – of course when they are out of power and proved guilty of their hellish sins.

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