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Back to the FUTURE…

October 3, 2007

Four months ago I voluntarily dropped the position I held for two years. That decision opened me to another world and opportunities, and another way of life.

meI was the editor in chief of our weekly campus paper, a very challenging position I held for two consecutive years. Our campus paper, the weekly DAWN, is not like any ordinary campus paper in the country. One thing that makes it distinct from almost all campus organs in the Philippine is its weekly frequency. Under my term the whole staff worked hard for two taxing and pressure-filled years in order to meet the publication’s goal: to come out weekly.

Apart from its very demanding circulation, which put so much burden not only on my shoulder, but on the whole staff as well, the publication also has no adviser. This situation makes it unique and at the same time free from school authorities’ intervention and control.

The position gave me the “Boss” title and so much authority to make the lives of all the staff, including the artists and photographers, miserable It is very prone to pressure, criticisms, and all kinds of press work tensions. On the positive side, it is undeniably rewarding, given the sheer opportunity to publish freely without fear and favor (to borrow the tag line of one radical mainstream newspaper in the country) and to guide a small phalanx of young aspiring writers.

But now I’m totally free, free from almost daily overnight press work operation, and no longer bound to meet a weekly deadline. I’m now living a very simple life because I’m back to being an ordinary student. I can now focus all my attention on my studies, which suffered a lot during my two-year stint in the publication.

So what do I do now? Internet, Friendster, wordpress, movies, and studies complete my daily life in the city. I’ve already had a few months rest, and I think its time to trek a more challenging path. I’m not getting any younger.

I always wanted to work, and my primary target is to land a job in a publication and be a writer. I always wanted to write. I think, and I’m sure of it, that writing is my passion. I first applied for a call center job, but the stultifying job of a call center agent, plus the fact that I have to go on a grave yard shift, really turned me off. Well, the industry, which really thrives here because of the overwhelming support of the current administration, attracts thousands of young applicants everyday. This industry gives me the impression that one only has to Americanize or neutralize his/her accent to land a call center job.

But for now I’m just goofing around, doing nothing but Internet, blogs and law books. No, I’ve never missed my former job as EIC. Thanks to Internet that opens the portal of online writing and blogging to both professional and aspiring pen pushers. I alloted much of my daily time filling my online journal with articles that really interest me.

About 80 percent of my online journal contains articles on politics. But make no mistake, I’m not a politician, and I don’t even aspire to be one. My main purpose is not to share it, or to give my readers and/or viewers a hint that I’m good at the topic, but to purely express my thoughts, feelings, and reactions to the current social and political situation.

I write to express, not to impress. My writings, therefore, represent my inner feelings, beliefs, aspirations and even biases. Every writer, I believe, has his personal biases and prejudices.

My personal philosophy in life hinges on the ideas of Ayn Rand, a Russian-born American writer who popularized Objectivism. In one of her writings Ayn Rand said: “An error made on your own is safer than ten truths accepted on faith, because the first leaves you the means to correct it, but the second destroys your capacity to distinguish truth from error.”


One might find my idea to be so radical, but to me, to tell the truth and to write something about it is not tantamount to radicalism. Even my parents,including some of my college professors, observed that most of my ideas subscribe to what they call “radicalism or activism.”

Frankly, their observation just made me shrug my shoulder. I cannot blame them for being trapped in the widening web of the prevailing political or ideological structure.

But to me, the word is not activism, or radicalism, but self-determinism. Yes, whatever I say or write, I write them – and I speak of them— not because I subscribe to the idea of their creator(s) or designer(s), but because I relied on my personal judgment.

One time a publication company based in Ortigas called me for an interview. I was offered the position of editor in chief. I was, however, more interested in a lower position like the post of staff writer. I would like to start at the bottom, this way I would be able to learn more the ropes of the industry. I was, however, informed that they are in dire need of an English editor who will work on their upcoming English tabloid to be circulated in Japan. The offer was tempting. I would have accepted it if not for my bad schedule in school.

By the way I’m taking Bachelor of Laws – my parents would like me to be a lawyer… someday.

The bottom line is I didn’t get the job… Better luck next time.

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