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Who are the Philippine’s Worst Second-handers?

September 27, 2007

Note: I am revoking the first part of this article to preclude others from using it against me and my family. I regret what I have written, and to some people who have printed copies of my original article– you don’t have my authorization and/or sanction whatsoever to use it anymore for whatsover purpose. To do so would give me right of action against those who attempt to expropriate and/or use it for their personal whims and caprices. This should serve as a warning…

“Civilization is the process of setting man free from men.” — Ayn Rand

Who are the people who stand at the other side of this philosophy? To me they are the second-handers, the opposite of self-determinists. I’m not talking about people who used to buy second-hand items like my mother. I’m talking about those who do not put value, or do not even know the value, of their free will. To them, free will is inexistent. They believe that there’s no such thing as free will.

I stated in my previous article titled “Philippine Second-handers” that a second-hander is one who is dependent, as a parasite is, on the service of people, on the dictates of others, on the gullibility of the public, on the propaganda and opinions of the media. He is without ego, without a concept of self, although he may appear to have an overwhelming ego, but in truth he has none. He may get rich and powerful, but in reality, he has nothing, he is nothing.

I concluded in that article that we have a lot of their kind in the country especially during election time. Election period is the epoch wherein the second-handers show their face shamelessly.

It is the period wherein these bunch of blood-sucking shenanigans have the opportunity to scramble to power.

The worst second-hander is the man, or woman, who craves for power. Who does everything, and who employs all tricks, magics, goons, and guns just to get hold of the power all second-handers dream of. Can we categorize them? Yes, and they are the following:

  1. Political second-handers

  2. Corporate second-handers

  3. Military second-handers

  4. The hybrid

The first classification speaks only of those in the political sector, the second, of those in the business world, including journalists, and third, of those in the military. The last is the worst – the Hybrid- who has the capacity, opportunity and access to cross the three aforementioned layers. They are deft at combining politics and business for their personal, political or business advantage.

Others call them clever, “madiskarte”, and wise, but I call them incompetent, dependent, boneless maniacs, and shameless manipulators. They form a very dangerous societal force which causes the gradual dissolution of the moral fibers of our society. Their continued stay poses real threat to the fundamentals of man. Their ideologies, which are irrational and based only on their collective desire to maintain their position and clout, seek to stay the status quo by poisoning the minds of their offspring and of the people. With this kind of system, the next generation is in limbo and the direction of this country is not up but down.

Their thinking and ways, which form part of our dominant political and social system, cause both moral and spiritual decadence.

So who are the country’s worst sickos?

Top of them all is none other than the one giving marching orders in Malacañang. President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, although revered by some young people as clever and “madiskarte”, is the one who tops my list, at least during this political epoch. Her actions and decisions made me think that she’s the worst second-hander in these parts.

Rocked by corruption and election-cheating accusations, the President tenaciously clang on to power by using the sweeping scope of her executive power, which even exceeded the limits allowed by the constitution at the expense of the civil liberties of the people and the natural progress of this country. Psychopath is the term we used to call a person who is incapable of determining right from wrong, and of feeling any concern for the people.

Mrs. Arroyo has a very different understanding about some political and social tremors that took place in the country. At the height of Hello Garci controversy that nearly edged her out of power, she declared war on insurgency, which resulted in the loss of lives, hopes and future of those not only involved in the war, but innocent civilians as well. Amidst the uncontrollable public protests that resulted from the vote-rigging issue, she gave the police the power to employ “calibrated preemptive response” against the protesters, gagged her officials from speaking in any inquiry by issuing E.O. 464, and put the country under state of emergency through P.D. 1017.

Her different or indifferent interpretation of recent historical events that challenged her regime pushed her to the limits at the expense of people’s inalienable rights. Summing up her justifications in coming up with these questionable edicts and executive actions, which were later on chided and nullified by the Supreme Court, there’s only this one word that comes to mind: Democracy. She argued, in summation, that she made all those actions in the name of democracy.

But why did the people not applaud her for her heroic escapades? The people asked her to step down instead. A person who has so much care for and concern about the protection of our democratic rights deserves a monument or a mausoleum for all the world and next thousand generations to see. The Filipino people should have thanked Gloria for issuing these edicts and even supported her ambition to change or rock the charter. But I saw no merrymaking in the streets, or people who should be shouting “Long live the Queen!” What I saw were clenched fists and angry faces of people who were determined to oust their leader. What I heard were staccato of contemptuous voices crying justice for the country and justice for the victims of enforced disappearances and human rights abuses.

What’s wrong with our country? What is wrong with it is that it has a leader who is in total denial, who can be categorized as a psychopath. I wonder if she ever thought that the very reason why the people took to the streets was because they no longer wanted her to stay in power. Not even a minute longer. But in her mind, the President could have thought that what the people need was democracy, that’s why she issued her fascistic edicts. Democracy, ah! I hate to hear the word especially when it came from the lips of GMA.

Deft appointments also kept and is keeping her tight grip on power. An insecure leader has to pick only those who are willing to kiss her ass. She only appointed the incompetent, the corrupt (or at least people with dirty track record), the dishonest, the coward, and even the mentally incapacitated.

She named Benjamin Abalos, who doesn’t even know how to count, as the chair of Comelec; Raul Gonzales, who caused much shame for the country, as secretary of Justice; Angelo Reyes, who doesn’t even have any knowledge about energy, as secretary of energy; Lito Atienza, who cut down trees in a Manila park, as secretary of natural resources, among stupid others. All of them are second-handers…

… including the following:

  • FG Mike Arroyo (no need to explain)

  • Abalos (I think he’s even worse than Gloria, and a friend of mine told me that the man deserves to be executed by firing squad)

  • All members of the first family, except Luli, maybe, including their uncle Iggie.

  • All GMA cabinet members, for they followed orders without thinking and for thinking that their loyalty only belongs to GMA and not to the people

  • Fidel V. Ramos

  • HS Jose De Venecia

  • 95 percent of the members of the Senate, especially Enrile

  • 90 percent of the members of the House of Representatives, most especially the allies of Arroyo

  • former military Gen. Garcia

  • PLUS, some spineless members of the NATIONAL (IM)PRESS CLUB

To be polished later… I’m kinda sleepy…

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