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Esperon’s Destabilization Warning A Farce

September 20, 2007

esperonIt’s not surprising at all – since the actions and gimmicks of some brazen people in the government who are expert in circumventing the law, diversionary tactics, political magic and of course, graft and corruption, can be easily deciphered like a set of amateurish codes— that the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) now talks about new destabilization plots.

The AFP, created to protect the people from government-backed “terrorism” and Gloria administration’s fascistic edicts and excesses, revealed fresh plans by “enlisted men” in the military to topple the government.

This information, which was obviously poised to catch public attention, was relayed by no less than by AFP Chief General Hermogenes Esperon Jr.

Esperon, considered the head of Mrs. Arroyo’s “metallic presidential guard”, told reporters that enlisted men were being drafted for a fresh anti-government crusade through secret meetings and text messages.

I’m sorry but I’m not surprised. I have several reasons why I and the public should not take the AFP warning seriously.

First, granting that Esperon’s story is true, people in the military service, especially those who are already tired of the corruption-riddled Arroyo administration, have the very right to reinstate their loyalty – not to their paid and incompetent seniors in the military but to the people whom they are committed to protect.

Second, apart from the so-called “enlisted men” labeled by Esperon, the over 80 million Filipino people should also express their outrage and absolute indignation at the shameless, brazen culture of corruption and impunity seemingly perpetuated by the current government. We, including those enlisted men, have the very right to shout “Never Again to Marcosian dictatorship and culture of corruption.”

Third, all of these destabilization talks were soldierscreated figuratively and literally by shrewd propagandists in the government. Figuratively, because a corrupt government that is being threatened by public outrage has to manufacture lies to: 1) divert public attention, 2) justify its enforcement of repressive state apparatuses to quell dissent, and 3) enforce structures and edicts to maintain the status quo. And literally, because it is the excesses and abuses of people in the government that best recruit or attract destabilization, political dissents, social outrage and even communist rebels.

And lastly, the President and all her rogue cabinet officials, including those who helped destroyed and prostituted this country, should resign en masse to give peace and progress a chance.

Since the tormented government of Mrs. Arroyo is now in danger due to a number of controversial issues like the resurrected Hello Garci controversy and the explosive NBN deal, one of its loyal agencies has to mislead the public. And this role was obediently taken by the AFP, which is the only (in)credible government machine to warn about threats of national security. It has to lure the public to put away their focus from the current glopolitical scenes that continuously tortures the government. It has to cut off the impending public anger and contempt before it is sensationalized by the media and magnified by the opposition in its favor.

To instill fear in the people— this is the ultimate assignment of the military to get the public, because in every political discord played by a dominant group (government) and its political nemesis, the public automatically becomes the sole judge.

Faced with a perturbing dual crisis (Hello Garci and NBN deal), the government is in real BIG trouble.


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