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Orwellian Speak and Corruption

August 30, 2007

This was published as letter to the editor on Inquirer on August 30, 2007.

Bush and America’s New World Order…
Bush and America’s New World Order…

I agree with Conrado de Quiros. The kind of mental or cultural corruption that is taking place in the country these days is “the fiercest, most terrifying kind, the kind that doesn’t just turn people into paupers but into zombies.” (“Cause and effect,” Inquirer, 8/7/07) To me, it’s like a virus that poisons the mind, and its effect is long term. This virus is as destructive as the radioactive smoke Chernobyl spewed a few decades back. Its effect is even more terrifying than any war ever caused by man, as it turns people into sickos — or to borrow De Quiros’ word, zombies. This virus is characterized by government’s attempt at deception, using the power of language, the authority of the law and the vice of men.

Despotic governments nowadays have become shrewd at keeping power. Material weapons have been edged by a more powerful weapon: language.

Language, like a machine, can be used to serve the purpose of its user. What the government is doing is corrupting the language, removing all shades from language, leaving simple dichotomies (sad and happy, pleasure and pain, rebel and reactionary) to strengthen the total primacy of the state. This is also related to the concept of “binary opposition,” which involves a pair of theoretical opposites.

Through this concept, the government can easily give a word two or more meanings in classifying who are pro-government and who are not. So if you criticize the government, you will be labeled as a communist or worse, as a terrorist, even if you do not believe in the ideology. Or if you criticize the President, you are pro-Joseph Estrada.

The government is now engaging in “Orwellian speak” in sorting out its enemies. It also uses surveillance apparatuses, tracking devices and hi-tech eavesdropping equipment to monitor suspected terrorists. And all this is allowed under the despotic Human (in)Security Act, which strips bare the Arroyo administration’s anatomy of despotism.

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  1. pol permalink
    January 14, 2008 3:38


    Our nation is in the path of gradual destruction wrought by the worms and maggots in government who do nothing but live off the carcass of rotten politics. The people feel betrayed and desperate, yet numbed by the pervading atmosphere of helplessness.

    We have two choices.

    One is to live in pretense and self-delusion. We can build careers and earn money. We can think only within the limited interests of the family and be convinced that matters beyond that neither concern nor affect us. Indeed, we can relax in the false comfort of that grey twilight which knows not the distinction between a great future and a meaningless life.

    Or, we can build a nation that will nurture, promote and protect the historical aspirations of our people for decent living in a humane and just society free of exploitation and deceit. We can start to realize that nothing that we do for ourselves and our families will ever bear fruit in a nation laid barren and parched through decades of plunder and corruption.


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