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The Devil In Us

July 25, 2007

IT’S ME… I’m neither a communist nor a socialist; neither a believer of despotism nor an ally of anarchy; neither reationary nor irrational activist. I AM WHO I AM… And my belief, ideology and inclination in life, wether political, economic or religious, is what I THINK IS RIGHT, and I don’t have to adhere to the existing dogma or faith or standards.


I just had my free time after the ridiculous Valentine’s Day – that, like Christmas, has been deconstructed and cheapened by marketeers and profit-greedy businessmen – to do the things I usually do, like watching TV, surfing the net and seeing an Oscar wannabe movie.
A cool movie Finally, I gave myself time to watch The Devil Wears Prada starred by Meryl Streep and Anne Hathaway. I’m not really into award-winning films and Hollywood explosives, but after hearing some good comments from friends and movie fanatics, I decided to give the Golden Globe’s awardee a two-hour peek. The Devil is about a newly graduate fashion naïve girl Andrea (Hathaway), who worked for a well-known fashion magazine called Runway edited by the perfectionist, devilish and very unpredictable Miranda Presley (Streep).
I’m not into writing movie reviews, but what I like about the film is the simplicity of its storyline and the superiority of the whole movie itself – the acting and the devilishness excellently portrayed by Streep. Again I’m neither a movie expert nor a film fanatic but I call those ingredients an X factor. Of all the films I’ve seen, I can only mention a very few that made me cry and laugh and mad like Windstruck and My Sassy Girl, both Korean films, Legends of the Fall starred by Brad Pitt and Anthony Hopkins, and Ashley Judd’s The Eye of the Beholder.
As a kid, I enjoyed classic movies like Indiana Jones, Daniel Day Lewis’ The Last of the Mohicans, and the hilarious Police Academy.
My favorite American FilmCertainly there’s no accounting for taste and of all the films I’ve seen, nothing beats Legends of the Fall. I love the character played by Pitt and I appreciate the lesson the movie would like to impart to its audience. It’s about a man who believes in nothing but his own self, a man who has no league, no alliance and no religion. He only believes in what he thinks is right. Here, the character Pitt portrayed tries to tell his viewers that even without religion, without adhering to any law or order, and without joining any alliance, man can still live with dignity and honor. And that dignity is not the one conferred by any degree or decree; it is that dignity that one feels inside. That wherever you go, whether it be in posh places adorned with classy mansions draped in tinsel or in a gloomy village messed with ugly shanties; and whoever you deal with, whether they be rich or powerful or pauper, that dignity and honor within make you feel even richer, mightier and prouder. That is, self-respect makes one complete.
Whereas the Devil is about an editor who doesn’t care about what people say, who makes the lives of her staff miserable like hell. But make no mistake, because at the end of the movie, Andrea realized that her boss was right, that she’s doing the right thing, and that she learned something from her hellish job in the tinseled world of fashion.
In the end, Andrea heeded the advice of her boss – to make a choice— as she quitted her job and tried her luck as a newspaper journalist, her dream job.
Indeed, if you want to work as a publication staff, you must be ready for a miserable life, and be ready ‘to die,’ as one of my classmates told me when he learned that I was joining the DAWN. I remember that before, I was called a probi, the term we used to call the lowest ranking staff in our hierarchy. Now I’m called ‘monster’ because I’m the one who makes the lives of the publication staff so miserable. Unfeeling they say, but that’s the way it is. I can still remember when Mr. Raul Gonzalez, the original devil and former terror-adviser of the DAWN, referred to the editor in chief as dictator. But that’s another story – and another column.
I want you to see both the Devil and the Legends for comparison. I like the strong will and the stubborn dominance of Streep- who sees to it that she is religiously followed by her staff- in the ‘Devil’, while I admire the sense of anarchy in the mind and life of Pitt – who vows to no one – in the ‘Legends.’
I know these will serve as an inspiration and as a source of lesson and strength especially now that our politicians, trapos and artistas are again scrambling to take, and take only for themselves, the hellish runway through power in this highly budgeted film “May 2007 elections.” In this movie we witness devilish actors who portray sainthood, and legendary trapos who pretend to be good. Here, they guarantee fakeness and they need no further rehearsals and trying-hard acting because they have been in off-cam, real-life acting for some time.
Talk about acting and our politicians have kilometric to say and kilotons to show. Talk about award winning drama and Gloria will surely get the best actress plum for her “I’m sorry” moment. And why not? Bush was given the best actor trophy by an award-giving body in the US for his real life acting in Michael Moore’s docu Fahrenheit 9/11.
But all of actors, these trapos and politicians are the worst for they always make our lives more and more miserable after getting what they want from us.
The worst actors... And not like the character excellently portrayed by Pitt in the Legends, trapos and turncoats (actually they’re just the same) have been scrambling to align themselves with same higgledy-piggledy parties that could make them win. Never mind friends or foes, forget about ideologies and political beliefs, and forget about Gloria, too. What matters is the good chance of winning. That is, pragmatic and realpolitik thinking.
That’s why be very cautious whom you believe. Now that elections are fast approaching, only one thing is for sure, we will see a lot of Janus-faced politicians and we will hear a lot of ‘broken’ promises from these real devils!

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  1. cho Nananene permalink
    April 23, 2010 3:38

    Hi, sorry for the late comment, I,m a late bloomer, it’s now 2010 and I enjoy reading this thread….I have not seen that movie ” The devil wears Prada” but I’ve seen ” The legend of the Fall” at this moment I am watching this old movie “Ferris Bueller’s day off” it may sound korney to you but I can’t help laughing, I feel young again. By the way are those devils still around? and who the hell is Pechay?

    • April 23, 2010 3:38

      I wrote this piece for our campus paper which I edited before. I haven’t watched Ferris Bueller’s day off yet. Just checked it on Wikipedia and I think it’s pretty interesting. Lately I’ve been watching movies. I love Underworld, X-Men, Kung Fu Hustle, and great Chinese martial arts movies! I forgot to watch Depp’s Alice in Wonderland in 3D and I don’t know why…

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