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Command vote – a Phariseean concept

July 25, 2007

I risk being accused of immodesty – or even blasphemy – by not welcoming, and by strongly opposing in all respects, some religious groups’ penchant for the so-called command vote policy. I know of some other Christian denominations that dictate, or tell, or whatever way you call it, their respective congregations whom to vote. And usually they become powerful and influential during this period of bloodshed, of cheating, of bribery, of violence, of all forms of wickedness, they call elections.
Only last week, there’s this religious group based in the province that indorsed 13 candidates simply because number 13 is the lucky number of its high priest. The lucky 13 is composed of nine Team Unity candidates and 4 Genuine opposition bets.
Iglesia ni Cristo, an independent, nontrinitarian church with over one million followers, is just one of the popular churches of faith that usually gets the so-called ‘command respect’ of countless of politicians. This is because they only need ‘one vote’ to win, that is, once they are able to get the support of the religious leader, perhaps, through wits, thespic abilities and flowery words.

Among religious quarters, INC is the one that has a great command influence among political aspirants because of its strict policy on block voting.
Bro. Eddie Velarde’s El Shaddai, a Catholic renewal charismatic movement in the country, also adopted this culture of indorsing politicians who suit Velarde’s preferences.
No, I am not attacking these established and respected religious organizations. I am concerned about the ill effects of this system, which is no longer politically practical and religiously advisable during these times when the game the politicians play best is the Devil’s game.
I am not saying that all of these religious groups do not have the wisdom of King Solomon to make a wise judgment, or at least the purity of Virgin Mary to see the holy light.
Did this political backing of some religious groups produce good results? Mostly, they caused national consternation. Lest they forget, even Satan can quote scripture.
Nobody’s perfect, they say, because even St. Peter denied Jesus Christ three times before the cock crowed.
Needless to say, Jesus came to earth not as a political icon but as a redeemer. During those times, Juda, the place of birth of Jesus, was under the brutal rule of the Roman Empire. Some rebellious Jews regarded Jesus as a political savior, a liberator who would save the Jews from centuries of foreign slavery.
But he told the freedom-hungry Jews: “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life…” And before the saviour’s death, his people voted for Barabas upon the dictate of the Pharisees.
So let the spirit of freewill and conscience be the liberator of Filipino voters. Churches, civic groups, the media and even educational institutions should just serve as the compass of the electorate.
Even in the very beginning, God gave our foremost ancestors the power to choose.
To control the rationale of man’s existence is against that pious thought.
Command or control is sometimes associated with the Luciferian concept.
This is because I believe that this so-called ‘command rule’ is just the prerequisite for the rise of the new Babylon, according to the book of Revelations; thus, the birth of the so-called “one nation, one law” universe.

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